Was my weed laced? :O

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  1. So last night I went to my friends small gathering at her house and we decided to hawaiian hotbox the bathroom. I was very down with this idea even thought I haven't smoked weed very many times yet. I would say I've probably done it about 20 times.

    I had already smoked half a joint with 2 other people at around 8, and then some more around 9, but only about 2 tokes. Then we went downstairs and hot boxed at around 11:30 and about 6 or 7 of us shared 2 joints. At my second to last toke I started not being able to focus on anything but one side of the wall. It felt like someone turned up the contrast on the room. I took one more toke because I didn't think it would affect me that much. Then all of a sudden I got a head ache and I was so hot I just needed to leave the room. So I went into the hallway and all of a sudden I couldn't see anything. I could make out slight shapes but everything looked blue and red and pixelated. I was trying to go up the stairs and i had to hold onto the walls. I was so scared because I actually felt blind. Then I saw a friend who took me to the couch and left. I could only tell that it was her because of her striped shirt. Other than that I couldn't tell where anything in the room was because it was all bright red and bright blue. Then another friend came in and started talking to me. That calmed me down a lot. She left to go make a sandwich and I just layed there staring at the walls. Everything in the room looked like it was swaying back and forth in slow motion. But it had an intense motion blur on it. I had a really terrible head ache and my eyes felt really strained. All I could hear was white noise and a really high pitched screech. Then about 10 minutes later my friend came back and we went to mcdonalds. I was better then because she really helped me out.

    So I don't really know what happened there. I think maybe the weed was laced with something because I've never even come close to that visual of a trip while smoking. I think maybe it had something to do with how hot I was in the hawaiian hotbox. Even right now, the day after, I still feel slightly high. Everything feels fuzzy like I've got my head in a fog. I don't know of anyone whose ever tripped that badly and I only ever hear stories of really small bad trips. So I needed someone to try and give me some better perspective of what happened.

    Thanks. ^-^
  2. You were just really really high i doubt the weed was laced.
  3. I'm so tired of people posting threads like "OMG JUST HAD LACED WEED" no it was not laced. I'm assuming you have a low tolerance so you just got really high.
  4. I lace my weed with delta9tetrahydrocannabinol.

    It makes the high so much better.
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    At least he fucking asked if it was laced rather than saying it was. He was looking for opinions, no need to be a dick.
  6. Chances are it was laced, probably with the pill on limitless, or some Battery acid crystals im sure, maybe coke, herion. the ol begginer stoner killer' Im suprised your not dead, haha jk!
  7. There's a thread in apprentice tokers (I think) about being able to tell if weed is laced. You should look there.
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    Thanks, man. I'm actually a girl, though. Yeah, I was just looking for an opinion because I'm really not very experienced yet so I wasn't sure what I was dealing with.

    The thing is that I talked to the other people and they say they didn't really experience what I did. But they're all pretty big stoners and probably didn't smoke as much as me in proportion. I think the fact that I was semi-dehydrated could have played into it a bit.
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    Oh sorry, I guess I just assume everyone on the Internet is a guy haha. But yeah I doubt it was laced but still people are douchebags
  10. they most likely just have higher tolerances than you since they smoke more so you got much more ripped so dont sweat it :smoke:
  11. You greened out buddy. Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Its most common in the early years of your weed career, but its perfectly normal.

    Lacing weed costs more for the dealer, think about it....
  12. You definitely have a low tolerance (20 times) and were probably smoking some dank herb. You just got really high bro, dont worry about it. If you think about it, why would a drug dealer lace weed then sell it for the normal price of high grade, he would just be losing profit.
  13. Weed is rarely ever laced. I doubt ive had laced weed over the course of time i have smoked (i smoke daily and quite regularly). And yea you just were rly high and you probably couldnt control it becuase u dont smoke very often, happened to me when i first started also.
  14. I couldn't even read this you just got boh'd i can tell black out high ahahhahahah my friend has the same problem
  15. Most likely just good weed, if everyone else was fine. At least u didn't throw up like me. I smoked 5 bowls of sour D then Puked everywhere lol good times.
  16. Thanks for the advice, guys. I wont worry about it it was just a bit of a scare at the time and especially for someone as inexperienced as me.

    Something I forgot to mention: When I was laying on the couch I couldn't stop twitching. At any given point in time some part of me was twitching and I couldn't stop it. Have any of you ever experienced this?
  17. LOL no.. you were probably just high as fuck.. Did you not look at the buds first? Chances are nobody will waste their drugs on a cheaper drug like weed.. unless its roofies, then you're fucked.(no pun intended)


    And yes, i twitch when I'm too high..like really really really high my head is going to implode baked.. that type of high
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    HELL YEAH THAT TWITCHING SHIT HAPPENS TO ME!!!! I miss getting that high. Do you also feel strangely cold?
  19. When I first started getting high I twitched a lot, so did my girlfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary, or if it is... all three of us are fucked.

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