Was it worth it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dream God, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. You just traded an O for the item to your left, how fucked are you?
  2. a sharpie. Dammit.
  3. A can of black olives....

    Blood will be shed.
  4. MacBook Pro, yeah.. worth it
  5. wait, you mean i just received an O for my girlfriend or received a girlfriend for an O?
  6. A couch pillow. . .

    I am satisfied with this transaction.
  7. An O for a crumpled up piece of paper...

    brb suicide.
  8. A 30gb Zune from 2006 with a shit ton of music. Fair trade.
  9. SHIT i got a wall.

  10. girlfriend for O, seems like a win in my book

  11. depends on size of titties
  12. Yeah, I may be dumb or something but If I was get a zip for the shitty box of pliers next to me I would gladly make that deal. If I had to give them the item next to me, and pay the difference in cash, I would be looking at like 200$ to shell out lolol...
    Or if I got this box of pliers, I would be kinda pissed, but I HAVE them cos I need em and use em daily, so I am sure It would end up paying forr its shittyness in usefullness.
  13. Wait so if I never traded the O, I would not have the thing to my left?

    Or do I receive an additional one of those things..

  14. If air counts.... well then that's one heck of a bargain.

  15. precisely
  16. I don't see why this is confusing some people.

    The OP states you trade an ounce for the item to your left.

    So the scenario goes like this: You have an ounce.
    You take the ounce and give it to someone else. In return, you receive whatever you have at your left right now (assume that's why you have it in the first place)
  17. My dog! Ill keep him, thanks
  18. A foosball table!
  19. A 32" tv? So worth it

  20. But I don't have an ounce.
    And I already have my purse.

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