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Was it laced?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nelswick, May 20, 2006.

  1. Well I'm sure you guys get these alot but this has been buggin me for a few years. Heres the story:

    So I'm 14 at the time and I've got a cool girlfriend and one day I go over there and her house just reeks of bud. So I ask her whats up and she says oh thats just my brother so I talk to him and he says he can sell me a couple ounces for 100 so of course I buy it. This stuff didn't look that great (not even in bud form) but I figured I could make my money back anyways. So later that night, me and another friend smoke a couple bowls with no effect. Next night is the same. Third night I'm starting to think I got ripped off and decide to pack a bowl from the stuff at the bottom. 3 hits later and wow. I was definetly high but it wasn't the same as I remember. We both decide to walk back to my friends house (~2 miles) and about half way there it really kicks in. All of the sudden it seems as if I fell out of my body and I can actually see myself laying on the ground and I watch myself stand up and start running extremely fast while I felt absolutely nothing. I had no control over my body as I was jumping over fences and running across busy streets. So I get to an intersection and I'm finally back in my body and I decide to lay down in the snow and had some weird CEVs of seeing myself in the civil war. My friend catches up about 10 minutes later and we decide to leave. As I stand up, everything turns into a comic book sort of (it's hard to describe). Things were sort in a 2D format in very slow frames and all speaking was text in bubbles (super cool :p). About 5 minutes later, that was over and we continued walking. We got to a busy road and all of the sudden, all the cars turned black like the FBI cars in GTA III. Next thing I know, I'm Mr. Peanut and I'm shooting at the cars with my cane while king kong is ripping up the stop lights and the next intersection. After this, I started to come down with only minor hallucinations and CEVS and I decided to run home. All in all it was a very cool experience that I would love to do again. So what's your thoughts? Is this impossible to acheive with just cannabis (I seem to have an extremely low tolerance)? Was the bud laced? Oh and by the way, my friend said he was pretty fucked up but he didn't experience any hallucinations like me.
  2. most of the time the answer to that question is NO. and not trying to offend but that story just sounds a little to made up i mean everything you saw was from a video game whats up with that.
  3. You don't seem 14 at all.
  4. Hmm well thank you for you opinion and reading it. It's not like I just made this up to look cool or something. What's really weird to me is that my friend didn't experience of these strong effects. Is it possible for THC to sort of build up with no effect and then just snap one day? Oh and the only thing that was from a video game was the black cars and that's because that was the only way I could really describe it. Thanks.

    No I was 14 when this happened.
  5. if you don't have anything nice to say... (you finish.)
  6. man id like to smoke what you smoked.
  7. You must have missed the part where I said i was not trying to offend anyone and I am gonna state my opinion whether I think it is nice or not.
    Also I have never heard of thc building up like that. If you have not been smoking very long it could just be some really dank bud, or a flashback possibly but I don't think a flashback lasts that long.
  8. u probly just got really high ur first time, my first time i swore i was tripping out but it was like that because it was my first time. ive also hear about people not getting high there first few smokes. and shake seems more potent then the weed it comes from cuz its mostly crystals and hairs. thats my 2 cents
  9. Yeah that makes sense. It was only my fourth time smoking so I probably had a very low tolerance. Thanks guys.
  10. to me it sounds like it could be think about it .....100 for a few ounces......not bud form.....needing to smoke more of it.....and the i right? did i discouver the mistery?.....sorry im baked
  11. yo i had some mid earlier and i stayed high for about 3 days, idk wut the hell was up w/ that.
  12. yo homie, your full of shit.
  13. oh and somen else, why didnt u try it again? hat happened to the "couple" ounces, i dont get it? throw it away? or wat, and if u flippedit, what did other people tell you about it. cause A)they werent getting high, like u werent, and call u and tell you.
    B)IF they tripped balls like that, they would tell you.
    C)call her brotherback up sometime and ask what was up, i loved it, what was it really?

  14. hahahahaha

    ya and it sounds like salvia cuz you do trip some hard balls on that shit. i dont even really enjoy that much anymore.
  15. I ended up flipping it like 3 days later and watched the kid get busted by the police 2 minutes after he bought it. Her brother lives in Spain now but I will ask her for his number.

    I never really thought it could be salvia but that is a possibility. Thanks for reading.
  16. My guess would also be salvia. My friend smoked salvia with me once , and he just took off from the corner and ran like 4 blocks. Like 10 minutes he came back and was fine, he had no idea why he took off running he just said ' he felt something wasn't right' lol cracked me up.

  17. Salvia Divinorium is known for making you unable to controll the movement of your body, as you expeirenced. Everything else you described sounded pretty close to a Salvia trip so thats what I'm gonna guess was in the bud. It would be real easy since salvia leaves look similar to pot shake/crap weed. I didnt think such strong effects could be brought on without smoking the salvia extract tho... mabey cuz your a newbie?
  18. Ehh, when i first started reading this i was like :rolleyes: ...then i was like :confused: , then i finished it and i was like :eek: im gonna go :bongin:
  19. lol i hate reading laced bud stories, the other day after logging off here i thought i had laced bud. It was good bud that i wasnt used to thats all... i guess i could have exaggerated too!

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