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was i really annoying or were they just dicks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jack228, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. so my friend was sleeping over at my house and was like "lets go to my other friends house to sleep over" and i said ok and i brought some alcohol. we drank all of it and then the friend i went with was just hanging out in the other friends room the whole time and was saying he wasn't drunk at all (he drank a bunch). so apparently every time i tried talking the my friend said shut up every time i talked because i wouldn't stop talking apparently (i was being annoying?) then i tried to go hang out with my friend in my other friends room and the other friend was like "no you cant come in" isn't that being a dick? i was just gonna sit there. do you guys think they were being dicks or was i just really drunk/annoying?

    i brought alcohol and they were being dicks basically for no reason and treated me like shit (the other friend was calling me a useless piece of shit and stuff)
  2. They aren't your friends.
  3. They sound like dicks. Hell, if someone brought alcohol to my house for me to drink, it doesn't matter if they're annoying (to some extent). Just courtesy...
  4. they don't deserve your alcohol man. but then again, that shit kills you
  5. I wasn't there so I have no idea. I'm just gonna say you were annoying though.
  6. uhh it sounds like u were drunk and were annoying them, or they were dicks
  7. #7 burtontoker, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2011
    lmao, one serious question. did you try to touch them? did you touch each other? that could have made them a little mad during your sleepover.

    also, is your name.. jack.. jack mehoff? if it is i think i might know you..
  8. Sounds like they used you for alcohol and for their emotional punching bag.

    I've made more legitimate friends on chat roulette.
  9. but in all honesty, they seem like pieces of shit. idk what their problem is, like Drifting said, they could have just used you, that seems like the case. or they were just being straight up dicks, even if you were "annoying" they still acted like immature fags
  10. Moby dicks, indubitably.

    I use to know people like this, then I stopped drinking alcohol and stuck to only smoking weed. Changes the people you hang out with, for sure.
  11. The way i see it is, you should get each of the baby sisters pregnant, rape their mothers then burn down their homes. And then you can ask them, How you like me now bitches?
  12. Sounds like the majority of people in the world. Put distance between you and them.
  13. Actually now that I think about it, I know people who turn into total dicks when drunk. Are they decent guys sober?
  14. Buy a puppy...They dont need alcohol to be your friend.:poke:
  15. They just used you. They'll probably talk to you next time, be all nice, invite you somewhere and tell you to bring something, and do the same.
  16. Hate to say it bro, they're dicks. Unfortunately it also sounds like they must be 15 or 16...
  17. i didnt touch them at all
  18. and the other friend just started callng me a useless piece of shit (i was ready to punch his face in but couldnt because there was a 17 year old there that was living at his house and i didnt want to get double teamed so ya)
  19. They're assholes, fuck them. Get some better friends.
  20. With that being said, you must learn how to be a better judge of character and not put yourself in these uncomfortable situations with bitchass douchebags...

    Be lucky it's happening to you like this rather than some other god awful way:hello:.

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