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Was I On My Way?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AS-SB, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I recently made a topic saying that I would soon be getting some weed and trying it for the first time and asked some questions. 
    Well, I got the weed which according to my friend who I trust is supposedly very strong. This worried me a bit given it was my first time, but like the trooper I am  :huh: I plodded on. Saturday night I had a free house and promptly lit up a joint I rolled. The joint was fairly thin, well just like how I roll roll ups normally, with a roach etc... I was taking the smoke down properly, into my mouth then into my lungs, holding for 5-10 seconds then exhaling. I then smoked another afterwards after waiting 30 minutes and not feeling really any different. I finished another and called it a day there. I watched a bit of a film for an hour or so but I didn't feel high, or any different at all really, except I felt like I really had to burp but that was all.
    I read many people don't get high their first time, and spoke to my friend who I got the weed from and he was shocked I didn't get high after the amount I smoked especially as I never have before. He said he packs a small bowl in his glass spoon and he's normally in space afterwards. But reading on here showed it wasn't that uncommon.
    As not to waste weed and following my mates advice of one small bowl, I smoked a bowl using my pipe today, again inhaling properly, holding then exhaling too. Half way through I thought it was just ash so I mixed it up then carried on smoking till it was just ash left. I felt different to last time, I felt kind of shaky in my fingers and knees but nothing else apart from that, no red eyes no nothing. I reckon I was on my way that time and smoking a bit more might have made me really high. However I took about 10 draws maybe more, and after reading some threads on here that seems unusually a lot more than it takes most to get high.
    Is it likely that it might just take me a few more times before I get high properly? I read about the brain and the THC etc. not being used to each other so you don't get the high, but am I likely to experience it soon? I've been told the highs are amazing and I really want to experience it. Thanks. :gc_rocks:
    TL;DR smoked twice, inhaled properly, didn't get high. How long till I do?

  2. Wow in the time you wrote this post you could've smoked more and got high.. I think you already know the answer to your question
  3. I didnt get high my first time, it took a waterfall bong to do it. weird huh
  4. Yeah man it can take a few tries. You know what they say, third time's the charm. 
  5. Different strokes for different folks I first time I was in direct communication with Mr Marley from beyond the grave....then again I was stitched up with a 3 litre waterfall in a 5 litre bucket and enough premo skunk to K.O a Shetland pony...

    Might take a few smokes bro, but the day will come.....well worth the wait too. :)
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    i had the other side of your weekend.
    i decided to try smoking for the first time this weekend. i got my weed, bought a small spoon. read up on how to do this and that and on sunday decided to give it a go since i had the house all to myself.
    i took a small hit - very small puff, put the spoon down and waited a few minutes. nothing happened so i did it again.
    again, nothing was happening (after a few minutes) so i decided i must have done it wrong.
    then i took a big hit, held the flame while it cherried then opened the carb. it was surprisingly smooth. i figured i would cough my lungs up but i never coughed.
    i thought i had a big lung full and (since i don't live alone) didn't want to have the house reeking of pot. so i went down the stairs and out the door before letting it go. went back upstairs and waited a few minutes. then did the same thing again. 
    then... holy shit. my feet started to get warm and tingly and i could feel it going up my body all the way to my hair. the world felt like it was moving away and the house started spinning. everything sounded like it was muffled. after a few minutes my dog came over and when i started petting him i was surprised at how soft his fur was. all i wanted to do was keep petting him.
    then i noticed my heart was racing. and i started to worry. i tried tracking my heartrate but i couldn't count and watch the time anymore. it felt like it was going to burst from my chest. i became worried that it was going to explode and someone would find me. i kept telling myself that i was going to be fine, and petting my dog helped. i looked at the clock and it had only been 15 minutes since my first hit.
    after that i kept looking at the clock every 10 minutes, but only 2 minutes would pass. i had remembered reading that it was a good idea to stay hydrated so every few minutes i got up to drink some water. (it never occured to me to keep the water near me so i did not have to get up). as soon as i started walking it felt like i was moving through invisible jell-o and i had to "make" my legs move.
    about an hour after my first hit, i closed my eyes and immediately went to sleep.
    i woke up 4 hours later, much more sober and with a slight buzz.
    i liked the buzz (after waking up) but not how i got there. i figure i just hit it too hard. i also wish i had smoked up with someone instead of going it alone. would have been nice to have someone to hang out with. 
    now i know.
  7. Took me 6 smoking sessions, and two edibles. 
  8. I have to say, if you felt like burping there's a good chance you swallowed some smoke down into your stomach, not breathed it into your lungs. I know you said you smoke hand rolled cigs too but when I smoke my cigs, it's a really shallow inhale, and when I smoke weed I take deeper breaths. Use your diaphragm... I always had to remember to use the most of my lung capacity.
    If you're doing all that, stick with the pipe. It'll conserve your bud, don't torch it, gently light the bud and take those deep breaths. Keep with it, you'll get what you're looking for. And welcome to the community!
  9. Everything you were doing was correct. Unfortunately not everyone gets high for the first time. I have a friend that tried it at least 50 times until he felt it, now he can get the effects with no problems. My advice would be to try it every other day until it works
  10. Third time was the charm. Certainly got there today. I made a bong out of a water bottle (pretty good if you ask me for a first time- it had a little carb hole and everything!) and packed a small bowl like last time with the wooden pipe. I finished that with 3-4 big hits from that, nice and deep again, and felt similar to before with the tingly fingers and knees.

    So I thought I'll take it a bit further and put a little weed in my pipe, enough for one big hit to use it all, and waited 5 minutes. I was in the garden in the shed as I had a free house and could tonight. By the time I cleaned my bong (and waited for my pebble screen in my pipe to cool, man that fucker was hot when I tried to pick it up) and got inside I could definitely feel it.

    My hands felt really warm, and my head felt almost light. Not as in dizzy it just felt as if my head didn't weigh anything. I went to look myself in the mirror and found myself just smiling at myself. I packed my bong into a carrier bag and the bag felt really nice in my hands, like they were extra sensitive, and I just felt really happy.

    Went outside to smoke a cigarette and when I was exhaling the smoke it felt like each drag was only small but the exhale was massive, the smoke just seemed to go on forever. My legs felt all heavy and I wasn't sure id be able to walk back to the house. This wasn't a bad thing, just like pins and needles and a really weird sensation.

    I found myself pissing with laughter watching a video of a guy trying to get the plug out of a hot bath he managed to overfill.

    It made me feel forgetful too, I had to go and check 3 times that I had hidden all evidence for the family to return. I knew I had but I felt like I wasn't certain. Again, not a bad feeling just a weird relaxed state.

    What a lovely feeling though. It's been a couple of hours since now and I feel like I'm almost back to normal, but my mouth is as dry as a nuns c*nt. had a pint of water now I'm off to bed, again. I fell asleep earlier and I'm normally a light sleeper, but it seems my family have already returned, no doubt tried to wake me on their return to inform me of such happening, but to no avail. I can see why this is recommended for insomnia!

    Can't wait to feel this again. Thanks for your guidance so far and sorry if my ramblings don't make sense.
  11. Smoke better weed. Lol.

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  12. I wish I could get this kind of high again. When I was still a newbie I didn't know how to properly enjoy it.
  13. I did not get high until the 4th time I smoked it. It has something to do with the cannebinoid receptors in your brain.
  14. I heard that OSS, it's strange isn't it. You'd think that maybe it would completely wreck you your first couple of times like drinking. I'm not complaining now though I only smoked a little and it really worked last night.

    Oh and it is good weed, but I've been pretty sensible about it and not gone OTT because I wanted to enjoy my first high and not suffer like some people.
  15. The first time I smoked I was HIGH

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