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Was i high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by modest_mouse, May 27, 2009.

  1. ok, so basically, picked up from somone different this week, i smoked like 8 joints and felt nothing, thought he'd sold me something strange, but today i rolled a j to make sure it wasn't proper.. and my head felt weird ammidately, and my muscles felt relaxed, but differnt to normal 'relaxed' and my eyes kind of ached. But after about 5 minutes my head was back to more or less normal. It could just be a different strain than usual, does anyone else feel like this when stoned? If so it could just be different to the norm im use to.
  2. 8 Joints !!?? I would be paralytic if I smoked 8 joints of even shitty weed.
  3. 8 joints lmao thats crazy! but with indica weed i mostly get like that like my whole body is numb and relaxed and i think happy thoughts haha its kinda hard to explain

    edit: oh and honestly i think if anybody has to post if thye were high thn it mostly means they were high cus if you werent you wouldnt even be questioning it but since you felt a difference then you deffinatly felt it. mabye it wasnt a full blast high it might have been idk but if you felt a change then you were high.
  4. lol i dont think you could make it to 8 joints without falling asleep
  5. I dont know, that sounds very strange. If you didn't feel anything off of 8 joints i wouldn't know if this was weed.
  6. picturz ploxxx

  7. Was probably kiefed or vaporized weed.
  8. Sure you could. I got a buddy who would call that practice. I just call it overkill :p
  9. wow man 8 joints? After my 3rd joint I end up jacking off....
  10. I was just like u when i started i smoke dlike 10 joints and felt nothing

    just keep smoking and youll feel high and youll know when you are
  11. what really!? dam man... even if you didnt inhale, with 10 joints that would get you high... Gosh I wish I had tolerance like that lol.
  12. Why on earth would you want a tolerance like that?
  13. I think I must have REALLY high tolerance :( But the next day after smoking the 8 j's, i went for 1 and got those effects..
  14. I dunno, personally I think you should've put on some Modest Mouse and see how it made you feel, because that's when I always realize exactly how high I really am ;)
  15. haha, everyone's gotta love a bit of modest mouse! Out of curiosity, how does it make you feel when high? And what songs d'you listen to ? :)
  16. I'll continue this convo by leaving you a message on your page so the thread is still about your original question. :)
  17. dunno, sometimes when im stoned i dont quite feel it in my body if im still moving around but i notice my minds wandering and im sub conciously thinking about stupid things except its not sub concious because i know what im thinking about.

    haha its reallllllly weird, sometimes i feel like my brains split in two, I can thinka bout 2 things at once and talk to someone abotu something and thing about something else.

  18. Modest Mouse always makes me feel awesome. My favorite songs to listen to while stoned are: Ocean Breathes Salty, Float On, and Dashboard.
  19. your going to get high and your gonna know it when you do. i am a heavy smoker and i can get a little high off even one huge rip of a joint or blunt, so if you smoked 8 joints and didnt feel anything then you arent doing something right.

    smoke weed. youll definitley know when you get high.
  20. no you cant have been high .. and did you mix with tobacco

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