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was drunk so...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IamBored, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. me and my mate got drunk at his house, close to the time we finished the bottle we wanted to smoke, really bad, both.

    so we tried anyone on our phone book\facebook\msn etc..nada and than my friend had this crazy idea...

    Spill the bong(s) water ( he had a couple in his house) on a towel and smoke all the shit that stays on it, like all the shit that goes down when you smoke a bowl... so after we spilled all the bong water we had like 4 bowls each, we dryed it quickliy using a microwave and than smoked it, we smoked these 4 bowls really fast, like 10 secs break everytime, I felt almost nothing but like 20 mins later it totally fucked me up, everythin was mad spinning and I had werid ass high, passed out woke up with mega munchies and head hurted a lil.

    my question is..Wtf we did? XD.. is it good idea? or a really shitty one?
  2. haha sounds like you smoked all the bad shit that gets filtered out by the water ?? im also interested in what you smoked haha, keen to see what others say too mate :p
  3. lol done that lastnight ended perty much the same way (cept without the gettin drunk part)

  4. So he had bongs just sitting out with dirty water in them?

    And you salvaged enough shit from the bong water to smoke quattro bowls? Sounds like you smoked tar and ash.

  5. yeah I guess, but you know a lil pure shit gets down there, and that really fucked us both up :X
  6. Personally, I think that's a horrible idea! Lmao, eeew! :p
  7. that sounds like you smoked 4 bowls of ash and resin man
  8. Did you smoke the towel too? :confused:
  9. you cant not smoke the towel man...
  10. Ehhhhwwwww...

    Smoking carcinogens ftw?

  11. well it got me pretty fucked up, so it's not such a bad idea :p

    might be man, i aint sure what exacly it was but wasn't that bad

    lol well if i got drunk enough I probly could do that

    well, not everyday thing so it's ok I guess :X
  12. I just blazed up a fat bowl of some dank ass towel, of course you can.
  13. This is just another version of an already explored and confirmed bad idea
  14. So you smoke wet tar/resin? Lol, not gonna lie if I was drunk and my friend had that idea... Id smoke it with a smile lol. Isnt being drunk awesome haha:D

  15. new to me man, never tought of it before...

  16. lol I never said it I didn't have a smile on my face, just asked wtf we did, we laguhed like morons for long time at pointless things many times, and that was after I passed out XD.
  17. i've never thought of this before. Im going to start collecting my bong water into water bottles, and then when im dry do exactly what you did XD

  18. lol don't do that man, that's fucked up thing to do over and over :p

  19. how bad can it be lol? its just resin
  20. Its all wet and shit though. Uggghhh. Still worth a try though if your out of bud. How long did it take you to dry OP?

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