Was Bob Marley Racist?

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  1. I doubt it.. but very interesting..

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  2. those were EARLY beliefs, not HIS beliefs.
  3. Ya I just looked it up and learned that he was half white and played for white people (knew that but didn't think about it)
  4. Bob Marley wanted blacks to be free of subjugation. He didn't hate white people in general.
    Like you pointed out he happily entertained thousands of white fans at his concerts.
  5. Didn't he say something like
    "Black, white, Chinese, it don't matter what you are we need to get along" I think it's quite funny that he just groups any other race into "Chinese" but I think his mind was in the right place haha

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  6. Everyone's a little racist, in their own special way.

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  7. Bob Marley's father was white.
  8. Some strictly subconsciously and others quite blatantly and proudly.
  9. One love...let's get together and feel alright.

    Is there really a question lol
  10. Maybe? Does it matter? That little report could have been some sort of propaganda by white Christians too. I doubt he was r, I mean the mans father was white!

  11. yes and clearly so was Gandhi and Mother Theresa as well. :laughing:
  12. 🐆

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  13. You would be suprised on how many half black/half white people are racist towards whites, vice versa towards blacks too

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    Lyrics to Bob Marley's "War":

    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior / And another / Inferior / Is finally / And permanently / Discredited / And abandoned / -Everywhere is war - / Me say war.
    That until there no longer / First class and second class citizens of any nation / Until the colour of a man's skin / Is of no more significance / than the colour of his eyes / - Me say war.
    That until the basic human rights / Are equally guaranteed to all, / Without regard to race / - Dis a war.
    That until that day / The dream of lasting peace, / World citizenship / Rule of international morality / Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, / But never attained / - Now everywhere is war - / War.
    And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes / that hold our brothers in Angola, / In Mozambique, / South Africa / Sub-human bondage / Have been toppled, / Utterly destroyed / - Well, everywhere is war - / Me say war.
    War in the east, / War in the west, / War up north, / War down south - / War - war - / Rumours of war. / And until that day, / The African continent / Will not know peace, / We Africans will fight - we find it necessary / - And we know we shall win / As we are confident / In the victory
    Of good over evil -/ Good over evil, yeah! / Good over evil - / Good over evil, yeah! / Good over evil - / Good over evil, yeah!
  15. ^ great song, but Bob Marley didn't write the lyrics. :)
  16. Bob Marley was illuminati

    thx for the laughs man. :smoke:
  18. Yes the song is based on a speech by Haile Selassie but Bob wouldn't use that speech if he disagreed with the content.

    A true racist wouldn't use that speech since many times it denounces racism.
  19. like sassymelassy said: his father was white..

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