Was arrested, need lawyer help.

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  1. I was arrested and need lawyer advice over the phone. I'm in high school and don't want to make my parents pay for a lawyer, but I have no money and can't get a job. I just have several tickets for marijuana possession, synthetic marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and underage possession of alcohol. I don't need anyone to show up in person just some advice for this to go over smoothly. If you can help me or know anyone that can, PLEASE message me for my phone number. It would mean the world to me.
  2. Are you under 18? Hopefully you are in a state where you can get diversion. Google it in your state. That is the way to go. It will get it off your record. It will cost you some money and you will have to take urine tests for a year or so likely. Every state has their own flavor of mj laws, so you need to get a state specific lawyer. Sorry man. It sucks. Hope you can get diversion having a record sucks. : (
  3. Can you tell me more about diversion? You can't be on this forum if you are under 18. Now let's just say this whole thing is about my son who is 15. We live in Wisconsin and this is his first offense. He went to the school councilor who said it is possible if not likely he will get community service instead of fines which he is really hoping for because he really doesn't want to make my wife and I pay the fines (which could be over a grand). I was told we should get a lawyer to make sure this doesn't stay on his record after he turns 18. Could you send me something about this diversion thing so I can read up on it? I couldn't find anything.
  4. they should go easy on him, maybe put him on probation. look up the laws and consequences for your state. also, he will not have to put this on job applications if he takes care of it with a probation officer, so id suggest doing that. also, if he doesnt take it to court he wont get his license suspended for a year.
  5. Tell your parents and get a lawyer. Trust me I had a judge use me as an example in traffic court once saying, this is what you do, you get a lawyer(I had one) basically because I dont want to hear the bullshit and ignorance about the law that comes out of your mouths. Didnt say that in that manner but that is pretty much what was said.
  6. Google.
    It's a hell of a infodrug!
  7. someone is going to rehab

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