Warning Novice: First Grow going Casual [Shishkeberry]

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    Thought I'd start this journal in-order to get some active feedback from people in GC. Big fan of all growers even beginners! Am very impressed to how you guys do it! Think its awesome!

    Couple weeks ago I got a pick-up of half an ounce of some Shishkeberry and found some seeds in the buds whilst I was sorting it all out.
    I must say that when I ground the Shishkeberry up I was impressed by the ridiculous smell that it had to it. Sweet, lemon, onions basically made my eyes water it was so nice to smell and was appreciated to its fullest.

    So the seeds I found 1 in the beginning and decided to set it aside because I hear seeds give you headaches(?) I then thought that since I had read up on growing for a while I thought I would just give it a shot and see if I could germinate bag seed. Overall I found 3 seeds but dropped 1 and lost it and 1 didn't germinate and 1 did!
    REMEMBER don't attack my set-up. I know its far from expected but I want to share this miracle of plants and stuff to me with all of you!:yay:

    Anyways I'm excited and here are some pictures because I know everyone lives for pics in threads.

    Pictures are bad because the D40 is on holiday and I'm stuck with a digi-Olympus
    Bud / First Couple Days / 12 days in:
    BUD: [​IMG]
    Seed in paper towel: [​IMG]
    Blurry baby: [​IMG]
    Couple days in: [​IMG]
    Same: [​IMG]
    Again: [​IMG]
    12 days: [​IMG]
    Planning sheet: [​IMG]
    Leaf shot: [​IMG]
    More: [​IMG]
    See everything: [​IMG]

    Getting nutes for week 3 and then seeing what happens. Apprently Shishkeberry likes Mg so I'll look out for that when I go shopping.
    I know its a lot of writing for 1 plant but I'm extremely excited!
    Info about Shishkeberry:

    Opinion yes but was informative to myself.

    Temperature in room through 2 thermometers: 70 - 78 Degrees Fahrenheit / 21 - 25.5 degrees Celsius
    Plant current height: 6 inches
    Life time since germinate: 13 days
    Fertilized soil: 0.1-0.1-0.1 (kinda weak huh?)
    Light: 24/0
    Thats all I have so far.

    Thinking of letting it veg for another 2 weeks [making it 4 weeks in veg] or wait until its 12" tall and then at the end of week 3 swap to 20/4 then swap to 18/6 for the first week of flowering and then 12/12 for the rest of flowering. What do you think?

    HD pics coming soon. (Thursday)

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