Warning: dont read if you have a weak stomach or like bunnies

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    So I came home yesterday to all of my furniture in my room being moved and my bed room door closed. So I immediately run to my stash and everything is there and accounted for. So I start moving back the furniture like :confused:. Then my sister comes home from work and says the cat brought in a baby bunny and its closed in my room. I ask her if she's tripping acid because the dogs and cat have been in and out of my room all day and they havent done a thing. She then gets really upset and starts yelling at me so I laugh and tell her to only try one hit next time.

    Then I go upstairs this morning to get some fruit loops and I find my cat chewing on something underneath the table. So I lean down half awake and was instantly sober when I saw my cat going at a headless bunny carcase. Its a good thing I decided to eat fruit loops instead of trix or else I might have been sick.

    Heres some pictures, just so you know what wonderful presents my cat wakes me up with.

    The bunny slayer:
    The bunny:
    The bunnies head (atleast what remains):

    It must have been a quick kill because there was only one tiny spot of blood on the floor. My question is why the hell does he have to chew the head off?
  2. exactly what was going through my head while cleaning it up
  3. damn dude.. if that were my cat it would have been the other way around.
  4. There used to be dozens of bunnies around my house and the houses around mine.

    We took in a stray cat years ago, and I haven't seen a rabbit in years.

    He killed them ALL.
  5. at least you know yer protected from any other bunny intrusions.

  6. They are more dangourus than u think.

  7. that bunny got what was coming to it.
  8. That was the best scene in that movie. Hilarious while stoned. Scared the living shit outta me.:eek:
  9. Your cat is a hardcore shot calla.
  10. Dude my friend's cat always rips off bunnies heads and shit, it always starts shit with raccoons too.

  11. Hahaha yeah hes brutal. He always starts shit with the fox that run around my neighborhood then counts on my dog to come save it.
  12. Bunny had it comin man thats what happens when you cross a cats turf.
  13. Wow, that bunny got shit on.
  14. yeah he did.....
  15. Thats crazy man, my cats do the same shit. I'm always finding dead birds, rabbits, chipmunks, and mice all over. Here is a picture of when i came home and saw this next to my front door :eek:

  16. Quick, use the holy grenade!!

    Just remember to count to 3... :p
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    My cat always brings dead birds to us and shit, I swear that cats insane in the head...

    She has no front claws but none of the other neighborhood cats would dare come on our property

    I've seen her fight off so many cats hah, and she always comes back with bruises and gashes from fighting

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  18. HAHAHAHA "the bunny slayer" That made my day :p

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