warning: don't print you're plant pictures at CVS

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  1. A northeast Ohio man faces serious charges in connection with growing marijuana.Police said a man in Portage County was growing marijuana plants in a field and took photos of the plants.There were 16 plants that he allegedly took photos of and took the photos to a CVS on Route 43 and Frost Road in Streetsboro. Employees there immediately contacted police. "The Streetsboro Police Department called the Portage County Drug Task Force, the drug task force followed up on that and they were able to identify a party who was responsible for the photographs and eventually they recovered the plants through an interview," said Duane Kaley of the Portage County Sheriff's Department. The man's name will not be released because the Drug Task Force is hoping it will lead them to a bigger operation.

  2. Use a digital camera?

  3. Gee, do you think that would work!?
  4. Yeah, I do!


    Hurray for being intelligent enough to use fucking modern day technology!
  5. wow really cause I always take my pics of weed growing to CVS to have them print them for me!!

    why would they call the cops? not likes its illegal!
  6. That's like lighting up a joint in front of a police station or something... it's just common sense.
  7. seems to me he had it coming....i learned a couple rules when i learned how to grow and the first 1 being, keep it to yourself, now either he's saving them to look back on, or he's showing his peers....
  8. Although it was stupid I do not see how it was legal for them to go about an investigation because of photos.

    Do they investigate the origins of photos in High Times? Or what about all the posters, books, and other objects bearing marijuana?

    That would be like an investigation carried out on everyone who posted photos of their grow on here.

    ACLU should be helping this guy out.
  9. agreed
  10. There are a lot of things that they do that isn't quite legal.

    I'm sure they try and look in to it.

    I'm sure they are watching.

    ACLU? give me a break. If the guy would have been wearing an inappropriate T-Shirt in to a public place, they would be all over it. For every bullshit, high publicity case they take, there are 1000's of legitimate cases they don't. I don't care what it is supposed to stand for, it's still a bunch of greedy lawyers looking for 15 minutes.

    True, this guy was an idiot. I think you can get a decent camera w/printer for $150.
    I guess it was just a Kodak moment he couldn't resist.
  11. Those employees must feel really good about themselves
  12. You'd think if a guy was growing that many plants, he'd have the dough (or atleast be able to make it in 2 seconds) for a digital camera.
  13. dude, everyones rippin on the guy, same with me hes a dumbass, but the employees called the cops? fuck them man, i hate snitches..... if i absolutly had to exploit somebody doing that, i would just bribe them to get the pictures back

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