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Warm water in bongs/bubs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamf64, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I've heard people are putting warm water in their bongs and bubblers and they say they like it. Why? what does warm water do that cold doesnt? i need an answer soon so i can decide whether to use warm or cold when i have tonights bowls.

  2. idk bruhh, ive been asking the same question to myself, and i dont think it makes a difference
  3. Try it and see...if it doesn't kill you tell us how it was.
  4. Cold makes the hit cooler but makes you cough.
    Warm makes it easier to inhale and lets you take bigger hits. But people choose cold over warm because no one wants hot/hot. people want hot/cold.
  5. I prefer hot water, the hits feel much smoother. Try it out for yourself

  6. what about hot/cold/hot

    ice cubes and warm water

    but with just warm water u sure?
  7. woudlnt ice and warm water crack the bong :S i wouldnt try it cause im paranoid liek that
  8. Warm water makes it smooth because of the... of... Because science says so. :confused:
  9. Warm water makes it smother because it is closer to normal body temperature. Warm water also speeds up carboxylation processes.
  10. gunna try warm water in the bubbler tonight ! ( :
  11. If you have a bong with a ice cather and perc on it you can put warm water in the perc and cold water in the bong then with the ice in the catcher it gradually cools the smoke down. it goes from super hot at the bowl to warm in the perc then cold in the base of the bong then super cold up through the ice into your lungs. thats what i do.
  12. I might have to try that, it might be a nice change from the ice cubes.
  13. Eh, I've always like cold water. I'll fill my bong up, put it in the fridge, stick some ice in it then hit it.

    Wouldn't warm water have no effect on carboxylating the bud since you've already burned it?
  14. Warm water hits so smooth. If you try it and find you prefer cold, just wait for a bit, and the water will cool down pretty quickly in that cold glass bong. :)
  15. if its a double or triple chamber with percs keep that water warm and ur water at the bottom by downstem cold lmao idk making shit up
  16. i have a in my beaker i fill it with really hot water, i like it cuz it gets a little steam action in the hit...I remember learning about water diffusion in my intro to physics my sophmore year of college, and hot water diffuses better then cold water, idk if that applys to hitting a bong.
  17. I've only used hot water in bongs a few times. Hitting a warm as bong while sitting outside on a cold night...THE BEE'S KNEES :bongin:
  18. People use warm/hot water because it hits smoother. The steam makes the smoke not as dry which means smoother hit? i think
  19. ok now today im actually gnna try warm water..

    hot? or warm?

    also what if i do ice as well
  20. It's a well known documented scientific fact that 60 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. I'd stick with cold water.

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