Warm and cool lights.

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  1. Are warm or cool lights better for veg? Same for flowering, what's better?
  2. you want cool lights on the blue spectrum for vegetative growth, warm lights on the red spectrum for flowering
  3. The chart above is great. However, I'd like to mention that plants love receiving a FULL spectrum of light. I'm experiencing healthy growth with 6500K Spectralux T5 bulbs above and 2700K 68W CFLs for side lighting. 
  4. digilux makes a great full spectrum flower bulb.. some of the best conesuier buds i've ever grown were under a 400mh from start to finish!  More blue spectrum in flower increases resin production.. the yellows are to maxium yeild..
  5. I've wondered about the dual arc bulbs and if they are any good?
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    I have just switched over to flowering. Have used the 5500k mh through veg. Should I switch to the 2200k hps for flowering. This is 600 Watt lighting. Four site aquabuckets system.
  7. i generally wait until the end of preflower, rather just just switching when you change the light cycle. this will help reduce stretch during preflower.
  8. Sorry I'm a complete noob. By preflower are you meaning at the end of veg before you change light cycle or after changing cycle before flowering actually starts? Thanks for the answer have a hard time getting help and have read more than I have in years.

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