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  1. just a crazy hobo talking to himself.

    I dont care how democratic or freedom spreading your cause is. At least as long as theres collateral damage (col·lat·er·al - Noun -Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan.) no pun intended.

    I know im not smart enough to comprehend collateral damage, and how fucked up it really is, I also think that most people arent smart enough to comprehend it either
    . The voting majority does not adequately understand the consequences of war on other peoples lives. Why should I support it?

    **devil appears on shoulder**

    what are you talking about? you know these terrorists plan to kill even more right? Sure predator drones kill a couple families every now and then, but if the risk isnt taken the violence wont end. These extremists are apeshit, we do[SIZE=3]nt have any other options.[SIZE=3] We ha[SIZE=3]ve the capability, and its going to be better [SIZE=3]for the long run, your thinking short term bro. Its the logical thing to do.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]**Jesus appears on [SIZE=3]shoulder**

    [SIZE=3]violence begets violence, turn the other cheek[SIZE=3].[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    The US got a taste of what it is like to be attacked and have innocent civilians slaughtered. See 9/11.

    Now if only they could put themselves in the shoes of a goat farmer in Pakistan going about his daily business bothering nobody when out of the sky comes a present from the US of A that slaughters his family and most of his friends.

    How will he react ?

    Will he thank the US for spreading democracy and put the deaths down to collateral damage?
    Or pick up a gun and dedicate the rest of his life to getting revenge ?

    I think he will want to Kill Bill.
  3. To understand the consequences of shameful "collateral" damage you must understand our motives.

    To understand our motives you must learn from history, and that means read it

    To understand history is to recognize we have (the united states government) have radicalized the middle eastern radical muslims. & have been since the early days of after WW2.

    To understand we have fueled the fire ourselves 60-70 years ago is to understand we're wasting billions on a war we created against a non-state enemy in an physical war against "them" and an idealogical war against "us".

    To understand these terms of the "war on terror" - a war on an emotion caused by "fear" ...will never end.

    The government will never convince me that "terrorists" are dangerous to my well being. Bush era pioneered this, war on "fear"..

    We are to blame for the problems arisen now. And we will be to blame for many years to come. We have enemies who aren't even in existence yet. That is called blowback. The war on terror is a revolving door of massive military industrial might, dead brown people, cia intervention, military scandals, drone killings (civies), governmental aid (millions-billions of you & I cash$) to help them "combat" against the war on terror..."ism".

    The killing of the libyan ambassador is a form of blowback.

    Im against this "war", because it is an immoral war. It is not a state enemy war, it is a boogyman under your bed war. the war on global terrorism has caused millions, millions of civilians to perish in the name of democratic peace. There is no such thing as killing innocents to grant freedom.

    Ie: iraq: millions upon millions have perished due to sanctions in the 90s. This was not a neccessary step to democratic iraq. This was a step to oust our old puppet saddam after he lost to iran and the us military. This was a systematic stem to "cleanse" iraq. We wanted iraq for geo-politcal reasons. Not for another democratic country in the world so we can feel good about ourselves.

    You notice how in these countries we went nationbuilding in? (Pretty hard to tack on a number because even libya is now a nationbuilding process.) There's never really talk about how they people there are more free, prosperous because "we" liberated them. The msm doesn't report that bullshit anymore because people caught onto it during the iraq war. Falsified reports on schools opening when they were not, staged photo ops and article information plagued the msm during the iraq war. This is no coincidence.

    I am against any military action the united states has to offer. They only act in the name of special interests.
  4. There is no reason to keep any of our wars going. The rationale for all of them is flawed. US intervention and aggression overseas is the cause of hatred and violence directed back at us. If aggression is the cause, more aggression won't help anything, it will only make it worse and ensure that our foreign entanglements have no possibility of ending. Peace and an ending of violence was never the intention. The military industrial complex and the neocons got exactly what they've dreamt about, a series of wars that we start but are impossible to ever "win". Perpetual war is the goal, mission accomplished.

    Americans who defend US foreign policy are just useful idiots, controlled like pawns by state propaganda.
  5. "What is it good for, absolutely nothing. Good god you all" - Jackie Chan
  6. [quote name='hoboleader']The voting majority does not give a fuck about the consequences of war on other peoples' lives.
  7. I love how none of the mainstreamers dont even bother posting in these threads, they just shy an eye.
  8. that shit is wack....if we had collateral damage we would get payback. if we hit someone innocent i would assume they want justice. and justice for all
  9. i dont keyboard war anymore though. I just go hard.
    theres nothing else for me to say, the GC public adores me.

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