War on Marijuana (documentary)

Discussion in 'General' started by camram, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I just got back from the weed store and this was on Current TV under the Vanguard series I believe. Anyone else see this one?

    Honestly, I started getting choked up when I saw the treatment of people in NYC for cannabis possession. I feel so lucky to live in a medical state. So much for NYC being liberal-minded.
  2. Haven't seen it, you are lucky to live in a liberal minded state....stay away from Fl. very narrow minded outlook on weed here....
  3. I hope Weed Wars on Discovery helps people realize the benefits of cannabis. Not like Curiosity w/Robin Williams that made stoners look dumb.
  4. Where's the vid I wanna watch it
  5. What is weed wars? And the curiosity thing with Robin Williams was retarded...let's grab one tobacco smoker and one alcoholic and make them do unrealistic things...soooooooooo dumb
  6. Man I think it's too new.

    Weed Wars is a new reality show on Discovery Channel about mmj dispensaries. Starts Dec. 1st, so tune in! :smoke:
  7. Yeah Weed Wars looks tight, and it shows a more professional view on mmj; as it's the Harborside dispensary. 10 PM Eastern on Thursday on Discovery, I know what i'll be watching :smoke:
  8. i'm ogoing to have to look for this one....is it available for download anywhere? i'm talking free of course ;]

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