War of the Worlds

Discussion in 'General' started by Opivy, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Anyone else seeing this? Just came out today around here. I'm going to roll a joint or two and go watch this. Anyone else been waiting for it? How about H.G Wells? Great story ofcourse but Spielberg could easily ruin it.

    How about Tom Cruise? Isnt he dreamy?

    -Anyways i'm going to see this in an hour or so. I'll post back with updates.
  2. I have been waiting as well. I don't know how it will turn out, it was a good book though.
  3. I might go see it. Looks interesting.
  4. depends on how true the adaptation is to the source material
  5. ya the book was really good, i liked it alot. Im weary as to how the movie will turn out though, i dont really like ton cruise to much, although he has had some good movies...rainman, that was good. ehh well see
  6. Ive been debating to see it in the thearters or wait to rent.
    It looks like it would be good on the big screen but im heard this and that--nothing that has told me to see it NOW
    I did read this was the first of this caliber of movie that did not use Tom Cruises mug al over movie ad posters. wooopie lol
  7. I think it looks like a fun movie.

    Tom cruise is a good actor--but fuck all that dreamy shit--the dudes in his fucking 30s with a kid! and all these girls wanna suck him off--wtf.

    anyhow ya--get this.
    HG wells brother actually broadcasted this story on the air in the 50s. I guess it scared 100,000s of people--people actually really did think aleins landed and where invading earth. lol :p
  8. Well i saw it. I liked it. Only problem i had with it was the aliens. I wont give anything away but its just like any other Stephen Spielberg movie.
  9. damn, i hate when aliens look retarded in movies
  10. I'll look for it on the computer in a day or 2 :smoke:
  11. not retarded. just too similar to E.T.
  12. won't see it, sounds shitty.. i'm not a fan of "the end of the world" movies like armaggedon, deep impact, etc.. it's been done to death..
  13. I saw it yesterday and was really quite high. It was actually pretty trippy to me. Espicailly one of the previews, its like this girl roller dancing with bubles and shit, any way, it was alright but the ending was very predictable.
  14. Wahey to watch it tonight hope its not a dissapointment..+rep for a good topic..
  15. I would probably have liked to see it if they cast someone other than Tom Cruise. I boycott all his shit now. He's a complete ass and fuckwit. Crazy fuck.

    Damn, I hate Tom Cruise.
  16. Despite hating Tom Cruise (other than in Days of Thunder) I went and saw it with my family. I loved it. Everyone that went with me also enjoyed it. Cruise's daughter in real life played her on screen daughter, and I must say she did a helluva job.
  17. I went to see that today, it was pretty good, but the aliens were too cute......the kind you want to snuggle with, as my boyfriend put it.
  18. yeah i seen this movie today, i thought it was a pretty good movie concidering most movies cant get into a alien movie that quick and do such a good job as this movie did.

    haha the aliens cute, they scared the hell outa me, wouldnt wanna wake up next to one.

    But yeah that little blonde girl that played the daughter, thats in like "Taken" and all that and "Hide and seek" i just love her as an actor i think she is amazing and just makes any movie excellent. Didnt know she was tom cruise daughter though.

    Well a pretty good movie, if your not really an end of the world movie person maybe not the best movie to watch, but anyways i give it about a B+

    Peace and love

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