War: For Or Against?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by weedboss, Mar 29, 2003.


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  1. This thread is to see whether or not u lot are with or against the war in Iraq
  2. there are already lots of threads like this.....whether you support it or not!.....Peace out......Sid
  3. I wanna vote but this is getting redundant, I\'d put up a couple links to the various war threads but they aren\'t hard to find.

  4. this is all i gota say....my contry is at war..and i sport my crontry....
  5. <font color=red>I am against the war.

    President Bush may come off as slow and stupid but beneath that facade lies a highly intelligent, political, and very minipulative \"leader\" wich in his case I consider to be no more than a dirty crime boss.

    I think it should be made clear to everyone that President Bush has his own agendas.

    9-11 in my opinion, was for Bush, nothing more than a mere front that he used to be able to get his way with Iraq.

    Like a calculating ringleader, President Bush directed all the pain and anger that the American people had after the affects of 9-11 and curbed it towards taking out an old enemy wich he knew he could get rid of.

    George Dub-ya\'s quite the oppertunist.

    In the months following 9-11, the U.S. was at war with \"terrorism\".

    Now we are at war with \"Saddam Hussein and his oppression of the Iraqi people\".

    Where is Bin Ladden and the Al Qaida terrorist network?

    Why are we so concerned with Iraq that we would risk breaking important diplomatic ties to the rest of the nations within the U.N.?

    Has it ever been proven that Saddam and Iraq ever had any part in the September eleventh attacks?

    No, not at all.

    I don\'t like Saddam Hussein as much as the next freedom loving American but I will not be taken for ride by president Bush nor will I for one second, accept his lies and manipulation.</font>

  6. wach what u say....
  7. Saddam is insane. he posed a direct threat to our country. we cant just sit around with our thumbs up our asses til some fanatic terrorist sets off nerve gas in a subway in new york.

    -he has kill 2 million of his own people. we may kill some civilians by bombing but he would kill more if we dont stop him.
    -so far he has ignored 17 UN resoultions therefor he has no regard fo the rules set by the UN. Where should we draw the line? at 20 broken resolutions? 25? 30?

    -the only reason frence and germany etc dont want to fight him is because they not only have numerous economic interests in iraq but because they get a huge percentage of their oil from iraq and they get it cheap so long as they dont piss of saddam.

    -saddam want all americans dead so think about it this way: the only reason you havent been killed by now is because your government is protecting you. i not a fan of \"big\" government (i\'m am conservative though) but im glad our country is standing up to that insane bastard.

    -agree or dont agree, is all cool but be informed b4 u post

    -ignorance sucks
  8. Ignorance does suck and it would be ignorant to think that by eliminating Saddam Hussein, we would be eliminating all future terrorist attacks.

    You know we are\'nt talking about right now? The one person that lead the 9-11 attacks.

    Funny thing is\'t it?
  9. I won\'t say if i\'m for or against, but consider this. The main reason being given is that he might use WOMD. If that\'s the case why didn\'t we bomb the shit out of him in the 80\'s when he used them on Iran, perhaps because we were too busy profiting from the intel we were selling him at the time? Why didn\'t we bomb the shit out of him when he did it again to the Kurds in the late 80\'s? Because their was no profit in it?
    Who is profiting right now from this war? Oil companies and defence contractors many of which are from here in texas. Coincidence? Don\'t get me wrong Saddam is a ruthless fuck, I\'m just not so sure our gov.\'s motives are as high and mighty as they would have us believe.

    I support the troops, but I question the motives behind this war and many other policys of our gov. I for one breathed a huge sigh of relief recently when the senate shot down the plans to rape the Alaskan wilderness for oil. The oil lobby in this country is a huge beast that drives many of our foriegn and domestic policy.

    Sorry if this post is construed as \"shit stirring\", I just feel it\'s our obligation to question authority of all kinds.

  11. Saddam doesn\'t want all Americans dead. Did you see the interview he had with Dan Rather? He just wants Bush dead. Saddam said, \"Put me in a room with just myself and President Bush and the winner gets to come out alive.\"

    I think we should give them each a pair of boxing gloves and see what happens.

  12. Actually, yes they did. During the beginning of the war it was reported that Saddam was using SCUD missles, which he was not supposed to have, which he even denied having when the UN was checking up on that stuff. OK, go back to your argument, I just wanted to throw that in
  13. that picture doesn\'t work
  14. Well since the war started i haven\'t heard n e body find n e weapons of mass destruction and watching a debate on T.V. 2day they even said that no weapons of mass destruction have been found yet hun so i dun know where ya getting your information from but im quite sure its false.
  15. Got my info from MSNBC...where\'d you get yours?
  16. oh i found the scud!
  17. MSNBC thats government controlled network they put on what they want 2 hear and i saw the debate on BBCNEWS24
  18. LOL...that\'s pretty funny
  19. then WTF? why would they say they used them on TV, when they really didn\'t?!
  20. Could be American propaganda, I only get my news from the BBC anymore...they aren\'t biased.
    I know they did find some type of chemical suits or something.

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