wants me 2 quit tokin??

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  1. my girl freind wants me 2 quit tokin but i have been smoking herb for bout a year so its not going to happen and i was thinking of setting some sort of "rules"i guess u could say so that she dont have 2 b round me when im high.......what u guys think??
  2. A relationship shouldn't have to involve people making sacrifices, IMO.

    If she got with you knowing that you toke then she knew first.

    Fair enough if you are high 24/7 and never see her. But if you make time for her too then thats all that should matter.
  3. uh no. go find yourself a stoner girlfriend. or if you aint a pussy tell your girl "I'M MR. TOKEZILLA! HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU EXPECT ME 2 QUIT TOKIN??"

  4. Bitch can't complain if she's dead, now can she?
  5. Before I smoked weed I had a boyfriend who would smoke all the time with my bro. Had he just spent more time with me and less time playing video games, all high as hell with my brother, it might have worked out for a bit, but hey I can understand the chick's point of view if that's all you do.

    If you like her, just try to spend more time with her and help her understand weed isn't terrible (unless of course, your life is all about smoking weed hah) Otherwise, if you don't even smoke that often and she knew you smoked when you got together, you need to have a discussion about it. Dumping her straight out is pretty childish, if anything you should try to work it out
  6. Do you want to quit toking?

    If the answer is no, then I don't see what has to change - sucks for her.....
  7. At the same time, if one of your actions is affecting your relationship with a loved one, perhaps you need to re-evaluate how you prioritize some things in life. It's not about sacrifices - it's about restructuring how you live with what you already have. The same lego blocks will build different figures, right? If you love weed more than you love a girl, then by no means should you change what you're doing, but it's all about how he feels about her.

    But yes, I think generally, I do agree with you - sacrifices are never healthy for relationships, because that tends to make couples tally up the "cost" of being in a relationship.

    "OMG Vitamin420, I do so much for you.... *insert laundry list + half-hour of bitching*

  8. tell her you wont smoke no more.
    then tell her you wont smoke no less either:cool:
  9. This. If you girl ain't cool with it then tell her to fuck off. Or if you wanna take the time show her the Union. Why the fuck you gonna listen to what we think? It's your girl you know her better than us.
  10. Yes i agree with that :)

    That's what i would have said if i would have used my brain :p

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