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Wanted- DIY Organic tea DWC

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by vostok, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Hi
    I'm wanting to give DWC another go, from years of absence, but this time I'm wanting to go the organic route, and make my own nutes/teas from household or back yard items, are there any recipes for this or gotta a link


    ps I've used kelp and worm casting before, and have been too much
  2. It has taken a while, and thank you ..lol
  3. Subbed for further viewing when I get home.

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  4. Id like to see some all organic dwc. I all the equipment but dont want to feed my plants chemicals. There seems not alot of literature on the subject

  5. ^^^^What he said!!!

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  6. The ultimate has got to be deciding what fish to keep in the rez. .. as theres a good chance that fish do adjust the Ph and nute level, several small specie would be required, eg. Ph up ..? add 16 goldfish, Ph down remove 18 goldfish, is a lot easier than remove /add 1.5 trout or 2 3/4 Koi

    C'mon guys some grower must have something like this going by now...seems ideal to me??

  7. thatd be dope........little fishies living practically in the plants giving it all their poop & stuff....I can always get a hold of minnows and suckers for fishing
  8. Vostok, I believe you might be referring to aquaponics instead of dwc?

  9. Indeed I believe you are correct, ..however is such a new 'way' that you could refer to organic DWC as aquaponics, or visa versa
  10. fromwhat i've seen the system can work but you'll need some soil in containers on top of the hydroton flood bed, because the water from fish does not have the full mineral profile needed to get heavy harvests. Some one please correct me if I'm off. A duck pond/aquaponic setup might do cannabis more justice. Good luck, and hydrogen peroxide. keep posted!

  11. I just meant it would be easier to look for information on the subject by googling aquaponics than DWC.

    I'd love to see more threads on the subject personally, aquaponic cannabis growing must be like the endgame of zen gardens.
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    Has anyone ever used Mother Earth Super Tea from Advanced Nutrients? Its suppose to be Organic, Aeroponic friendly, and with microbes premixed in the solution. It comes in two parts A and B and is suitable as a stand alone fertilizer. I want to try this in a top feed with Polly fill as a medium. I also want to add General Organics suppliments and GH microbes m and b I think.

    Has anyone tried this? Does the Super Tea live up to its claims?

    Edit: The way I see it is if I'm spending more on nutrition then electricity, then I'm doin somethin right.

    Edit # 2: I found this at another forum, looks like others are doing something similar with what sounds like good results, Organic-Hydro I think is what is referred as...

    Iguana Juice - Page 2
  13. Hiya Spliffy.

    I believe most? of us here in the Organics forum work with living organic soils. I just wonder if you may be better off asking about Advanced or GH products elsewhere - not to be rude or anything, I just think you might get better answers.


  14. I agree..... Anything you buy at the hydro store that says its organic, its NOT true organic unless its compost or some kind of soil. It's impossible to buy true organic in a bottle. Advanced nutrients, bio all that shit has chemicals in it. Good soil mix and compost tea is all you need and you save more than half the $ you spend on that bullshit.
  15. Still wouldnt mind hearing an organic dwc recipe.

  16. You would find out more about this in the DWC threads than in the organic sections. As Jerry said, we grow in living soils not DWC; we gave that up many miles back on the canna culture learning curve.

  17. I would like to do it in,compost tea of some sort no bottled nutea
  18. Ive tried the compost tea route, I made the stuff myself using a recipe found on the net, I never made it passed veg before deficiencies popped up.

    I recommend buying a compost from a pro company and brew that for a few days, its more likely to be good. My 2 cents.

    Edit: Mother Earth Super Tea is a compost Tea!

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