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  1. With my outside harvest being done I want to get something going for winter inside,anyway whats the key items I need to get me started?I have outdoor knowledge but I want to start learning indoors,anyway let me know.
  2. Lighting - 2000 - 2500 Lumens Per Square Foot of your area.

    Ventalation - Critical on lowering temps, controlling humidity and keeping fresh air for the plant

    Odour Removal - some people need to be stealthy, some dont, totally depends on your circumstances.

    Temp controll - 20C lights off 25 - 27 Lights on, im not a F man so i cant help on F temps.

    Hydro or soil?

    Hydro grows faster and i beleave has better yeilds, but the bud doesnt have the taste that soil does.

    Scrog, Sog, LST, Fimming, Trimming or natural.

    Scrog, basicly its a screen which you grow under, it LST's the planta to grow flat, when it comesto flowering this makes budsites grow up creating Bigger Buds and better yeilds.

    Sog, Having many small plants with very little if not no veg time.

    LST, to manipulate the plant into growing different chariecteristics, I.E you can make them grow in spirals.

    Fimming, removing 50% of the new growth using a blade so it grows 2 new branches.

    Trimming, Removing the whole of a new growth using a blade which has the same effect.

    Natural, you said you grew so youd know.
  3. Determine how much space you plan on using. Look at the design a box section in MARIJUANA GROWING. If your using CFLs(less $) look at Kamels guide in Indoor growing section. HPS(veg) and/or MH(flower)(more $)(both recommended together) depending on how big you decide to go.
    I mean, what you need to get started is a hefty list of stuff....
    Do a little research on the guides. They have all the information you need.
  4. +rep :)

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