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  1. Hello I am interested in growing but im wondering a couple questions for a basic setup for one to two plants how much will it cost and is watering the plant and giving nutrients complicated or do you figure it out pretty easy
  2. Where are you going to set it up? The first grow is the most expensive if you want your weed to be top notch. I'm in my first grow I wasted around 150 (lights, AC, soil, pots, SEEDS) so far. nutrients I don't have to worry until a month in a half and water at the beginning is very cheap I'm not adding that too how much $$ I'm wasting you water it every 4 5 days it's Better if you pick up the pot and if you see that it's light then you should water your plant
  3. im gonna grow it in my closet but i would be fine spending 150 to 200 easily
  4. Yeah man I'm growin them there too your gonna need a fan for sure so they can grow thick.the AC and lights you'll have them there for a while so there good. Just remember not to over feed them with water i did that mistake :/ a really good soil I would recommend is just right xxtra

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  5. if their in my closet will i have to have an air vent sending clean air in and out
  6. I have a fan on for 8 hours it's perfect the first week I had it in the closet with nothing but you need the air it makes a difference. Maybe you can try leave the closet open?
  7. i mean i can put a couple fans in there to circulate but i dont have like an outgoing exhaust to suck the air out
  8. Oh well what I am doing is just leaving it open for 10 minutes every 5 6 hours at this stage (week 2) my plants don't really need that much Co2 but when they get big I'm gonna have to set up something like a tube air vent that should be good enough

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