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Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. After having a conversation with my friend the other night;
    I want to move to Amsterdam and open up a day and night frisbee golf course.
    Lights, artificial plants, a bar, rubber tee's, foot cleaners at every tee, and towels at every tee. A shop that sells discs and accessories.
    If I open one or not, I know I will end up in Amsterdam at one point in my life, do people there play frolf?
    I am not just another person with hopes and dreams, tell me what you can about Amsterdam!? I have a friend I could stay with, but really want to get established, anything you can tell me to help my dream?
  2. Is someone high?
  3. Lol mistype and edited., Nope quite sober, and not a new idea. But no one seems to use it.
  4. apparently you are
  5. If you move to amsterdam anony we are meeting up for frolf.
  6. Nope I am a lil typy, just got back from a 10 mile bike ride and cracked open the jack daniels, but this is something ive been thinking about for quite a few months now.
    Btw, my Bday is at 2am, :)
  7. Dont play, most people who know me know im serious and have the means, so i will take you up on that offer, even if i have to fly you out on "business points" lol
  8. I hear its really hard to just move to anywhere in Europe.. so you may want to look into the beaurocracy you'll have to deal with.
  9. Well thats an hour away from me, so expect a mistimed happy birthday man.
  10. I think that sounds like a cool idea.
    I'd go there and play. :D
    Happy birthday?
  11. Thanks guys and if you ever see
    "Anony's Fro|f"
    You know whats up :)
    I plan on having cupcakes serve drinks -

    And have a great disc rack -[​IMG]
  12. Also the dollar is higher against the euro than it ever has been I think so now would be a real good time.

    Edit: Also when we play anony take note this thread is the first time I have ever even heard of frolf.
  13. There's so many immigrants in holland, its not that tough. Amsterdam is also one of the most affordable european cities, the food costs there are like 1/2 what they are in paris.

    Good luck anony! I'm hoping to move there after college myself so i can slang nuggs in a store instead of a car:D
  14. I forgot to mention trashcans at every hole, and awesome plant life on either side of the tee's
    Yea, i came up with the term "frolf".
    People look at me here like "wtf" and im like its not that hard people...
    Thanks for the GL.
    I want to know all I can about amsterdam, anyone got any links handy, hate relying on google.
  15. True that one of the highest Muslim populations in the world surprisingly.
  16. Interesting, I didnt know that. I know its tough for an American to be anywhere else in america, but i am the king at mystery :)
  17. i thought about moving there a few times, opening a weed house/sex house/restraunt/club....i mean who wouldnt go there? it just seems to easy.
  18. The Netherlands is a pretty difficult country to emigrate to. Your only real (legal) option would be as a "highly skilled migrant worker". In other words, you have a job lined up for you there.

    It's a nice city, but kind of dreary. And considering the amount of wind the Netherlands gets, a frisbee golf course may not work out so well. ;)

  19. No it's not.

    For every Euro you buy you have to pay US$1.26 as of 6:12PM tonight.

    In other words this translates to losing 26% on every Euro purchase.


  20. A lot of immigrants are there on amnesty. It's a little different trying to move there from the united states then from, say, africa.

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