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Want to make some lol

Discussion in 'General' started by Its420sosmoke, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. g3t a l1f3 l0s3r

    look at these faggots....
    I've played counter-strike for 10 years now and I'm not gay? :p
    honest to god, read that thread, it's 100% serious. I didn't know there were people like that. I think I might go hitler on that church if I read any more of that.
  3. they may be crazy but no need to tease em lol
  4. they are not crazy, they're fucking INSANE.
  5. As much as I resent how extreme my religion gets, just let them go, man. Let them believe what they want. They haven't invaded GC, they keep their propaganda on their own forum.
  6. Oh trust me I wouldn't go in there if you paid me.

    that guy thought cs was were you go into building and kill anyone you see just like what they do in school shootings....

    not that that's what makes me think he's crazy, but I thought that was funny.
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  8. After reading the first page of that thread I had to get the fuck outta there, those people give me the heaby-jeebies
  9. I can see that. But it's just as sadistic as their topic choices.

    at least we have drugs as an excuse for internet addiction.
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    I'm ridiculously high, and that post(s) just blew my mind. :eek:

    LMAO: Look this is from one of the guys signatures.

    " Hey Kids! Who needs Harry Potter when you have Playtime with Jesus?" and the playtime to Jesus has a link to it for a book called Paliban Kids.

    God I hope that made sense.
  11. Some are against familys that have atheist children lolz.
  12. Wow, I really don't know what to say about a site that is COMPLETLEY brainwashed.
  13. You do know that Landover Baptist is a parody site... right?
  14. Umm this is very weird. can u please explain this to me. if u read the post right below the one you linked to on that religious forum, this guy is showing the symbol of counter strike game and showing the symbol of the Gay/Lesbian group "Lamba." I looked up the lamba symbol and its true that it symbolizes that community. Does anyone else not find it strange that the counter strike game cover has a Gay/Lesbian symbol on it and on characters within the game?
  15. Haha really?? How do you know?
  16. yea I thought that was funny too.

    who gives a fuck the games is fun as hell. specially because I've made money off it(winning LAN tournaments).

    I only read that one thread so I'm not reading anymore even if it was a parody forum.
  17. wow, they are post monsters

    like, one dude had 26,000+ posts

    cazy . . .

  18. hahahaha!!

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