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  1. Hey guys currently i have a vape genie for my vaporizer. Dont get me wrong its an amazing piece but im looking to buy a table top vape just for my house. Im familiar with silver surfers and volcanos but to me those are to expensive up in the 400 range im looking for something down in the 100-200 range but idk which is the best one for the money. Do you guys have any input?
  2. DaBuddha, the Extreme Q, the V-Tower are all in your price range. The SSV is to if you look hard enough and stretch your $$$$ out just ever so slightly. Those 4 make a really good crop to be picking from. The EQ will do bags or whip. The others are whip only. V Tower = little bro of EQ. DBV = little bro of SSV. Nothing wrong with the little bro. He's just a little more plain is all. Not as fancy with fewer bells, whistles, and bling, but works just as well.
  3. da buddha is the best vape imo other than volcano

    very little weed needed, gets you smacked off a few hits and is very durable
  4. I vote for the Extreme Q. I did a lot of research on it, but instead went with the Vapor Blunt for the portability.
  5. Silver Surfer isn't nearly as much as the Volcano, it can be had for under 250.

    But check out Da Buddha. It's the little brother of the Silver Surfer, with the same heating element. They're easily the two best whip vapes on the market followed closely by the Extreme Q.

    Any three of those would do you very well. If you want a whip check out Da Buddha/Silver Surfer. The Extreme Q does both bags and whips if you want the versatility.

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