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  1. Aight, I play the guitar, and I fuckin love it, and ever since I started playing (about 5 years ago) I've always been really into it.
    I'm lazy, though. Back when I had a teacher, I'd hardly ever practice. Now that I teach myself, I play quite alot more, but I still don't play very often.
    Basically what I need is the motivation to play all the time, every minute that I can.
    My dream is basically to make it as a musician. I've finally come to realize that in the past couple of years. So this is why this is really important for me.

    These days, a pretty big part of the reason that I smoke buds is that I nearly always want to play the guitar when I'm baked. When I'm sober, I don't tend to feel the urge to play as much... When I'm baked, I can just sit back chillin with my guitar in hand, for ages.. Ya know?

    I'm scared that I'm making weed essential for guitar playing, and that when I'm dry, I wont play guitar.. I don't want to have to rely on weed to play the guitar well, you know?

    On the other hand, I fucking loooove playing baked...

    I don't know, man. anyone? thanks for reading all that rambling haha, not quite sure of the point of the thread.. :smoking::D
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    Haha ok dude, what would you classify your skill at (beginner, intermediate, good, advanced, jimi hendrix) and what do you want to learn?

    If you want to play alot more I suggest you try to learn some songs that aren't difficult. After you do that, start getting to know a couple chords/powerchords whatever if you can solo thats great, just make up your own music. Oh if you know how to tune your guitar mess around with 1/2 step down and the rest.
  3. Learn your scales, learn how to sweep. After youve done these things, you wont ever stop playing guitar.
  4. Thanks for the advice; the thing about learning scales and theory is that..

    Well, in a way I guess I'm a romantic guitarist.. in the sense that, I don't want to have to think about playing guitar, I want to just play it... Discover it for myself, don't let my knowledge and skill be determined by which set of scales and chord progressions I've learned. Do ya know what I mean?

    Oh and yeah, sweep picking is something I should really get on to.
    Oh and on that scale I'd probably put myself as 'good'. Jimi Hendrix as 'god' :D
  5. I play guitar too man. anyways...practice all day, every day, as much as possible. thats the key. if you want to be super good, play certain riffs, songs, licks, whatever, as much as possible over and over until you get it down 100%. sure, weed helps it being more fun, but you don't really have the passion to play if you're only stoned when you wanna play.

    keep progressing your musical interests. jimi hendrix was a great player but he's no where near god status, sorry blades. keep finding new musicians to listen to so you can get into the style and structure of their songs. that might help you get more influenced and challenged to play more often.

    i dunno man, hope that helps.
  6. Agreed, Hendrix is not by any means the best guitar player ever.
  7. So who are some you guys consider better than jimi?
  8. What you need to find is Love. You can't just enjoy playing the guitar, you can't just be motivated to make it as a musician... you need to know that your role in this Universe is to spread your Love for Humanity through your instrument. Then you will have the motivaton you need.
  9. You can't learn how to play guitar without thinking without getting note and chord progression down though. Trust me, once you learn scales and modes it opens up a whole world of possibilities with what you can even come up with yourself.

    Don't skip the basics :D
  10. i dont get how i am supposed to help you.

    seems like you got it all figured out man. keep on toking, make yourself play more.

    I suggest you try to join a band... this will make you play a lot more, cause you will have to practice a lot and hopefully you will write your own music... i think this would be an essential thing for any aspiring musician.
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    'god' is relative :p I didn't mean he was the best guitar player, I just meant I have that much respect for him. I also love David Gilmour's style, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, John Petrucci..Vai, Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel, they're all gods :D

    ryanmetal, thanks for that man, you said what I couldn't quite say haha.

    Thank you very much.

    Yeah man, don't have my electric in this city though, it's back home... But yeah I've definitely been lookin round for other likeminded dudes.. I've written a couple of songs, I think they're ok but I mean, I wouldn't really know, not a very good judge of myself.

    Aaaah, that's what everyone seems to be saying... I don't wanna admit it though, haha. I hate learning scales..
  12. dude i hear you. I am by no means any good at guitar, i mean i can play, but never has someone said to me 'wow, your really good.' I am playing a ton more now that ive been smoking more though.

    when im baked it seems i can link different sounds together and everything sounds amazing. and your right, when your baked you can just sit back and play for hours.

    how can we help you pursue your dream? buy you weed all day long?
  13. Jimi is a great player, dont get me wrong. He plays with so much feeling, you can feel it in the music. BUT, I like technical guitar much more. I like things that are incredibly difficult to play. A lot of no name jazz and flamenco guitarists are much better than Jimi in that sense.
  14. Yeah, I'm not going to lie, learning scales and practicing them is gay. But seriously, it makes you such a better player. Especially when you know you need to play a chord, like an E minor, so all you gotta think about is the root, minor third, and perfect fifth of an E minor scale so you know the chord is E, G, B.

    It helps so much in learning chords and progression that it's ridiculous. Just try to make a game out of it :p

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