Want to hear a joke? Officer bubbles is now suing Youtube

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    Officer Bubbles Sues To Find Out Identity Of Anonymous YouTubers

    Back at the G20 meetings in July in Toronto, there were numerous
    stories of police overreacting and arresting protesters with little
    reason whatsoever. Perhaps the most noteworthy story that got
    attention was the story of "Officer Bubbles," the name given to a
    police officer, named Adam Josephs, who threatened to arrest
    a woman for assault if the bubbles she was blowing landed
    on him. You can see the video here:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGMTm3QRwEc&feature=player_embedded]"Officer Bubbles"- From Bubbles to Bookings? - YouTube[/ame]

    In the meantime, by filing this lawsuit, about the only thing that Office
    Bubbles has done is call a lot more attention to his initial actions
    and reinforce the idea that he seems to totally overreact to
    rather benign situations. But, I guess, if you're going to arrest a girl
    for blowing bubbles in your direction, suing YouTube
    (for being a 3rd party platform) and suing people for mocking comments
    that no one actually believes probably seems to be equally intelligent.

    Full Story here: Officer Bubbles Sues To Find Out Identity Of Anonymous YouTubers | Techdirt

    Mom must be so proud of that piece of sh--I mean law enforcement officer
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgD5zrnApLw&feature=related]Officer Bubbles - Human Garbage (Officer Bubbles Cartoon / Cartoons / Facebook Page / G20 Toronto) - YouTube[/ame]
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    ^^^^^ Troll is Obvious Troll!! Come at me, bro! :wave: LOL! [J/K]

    But, on topic......

    You should never challenge the cops especially at a large event.....but it does seem silly to take it to such an extreme. It's just bubbles......cops at large events are liable to freak out over small things, though...it was a calculated risk that backfired on that woman but this bad press makes the cop look dumb in the long run (at least to those that are paying attention)


  4. Just another reason for me to hate pigs that much more.
  5. good that was a dumb video anyway he should have tazed that girl for being so annoying
  6. jesus christ theres nothing more dangrous then a bubble in the eye, I would of popped her with my .22 the moment that bubble almost touched me.
  7. Technically, it is assault.

    Even spitting is considered assault, he warned her, and the person obviously edited the video where she kept blowing them.
  8. [quote name='"blazethatgreen"']Technically, it is assault.

    Even spitting is considered assault, he warned her, and the person obviously edited the video where she kept blowing them.[/quote]

    Just because he can doesn't mean he should
  9. you never know...she could of had a sheet of acid in that bubbly container. what if it had gotten in their eyes. :devious:
  10. blowing bubbles like that is pretty unnecessary, but at the same time so was arresting her.
  11. someones on a POWERTRIP
  12. eh...he told her to stop, he told her why she can't be doing it...she didn't listen and did it. she paid the price for her own ignorance.

    i have always felt its best to just listen to whatever a cop says. regardless of how innocent the act im doing. if he says "you will be arrested if you continue" i stop.
  13. Seriously? She could get a bubble in her eye? That's not going to hurt her.

    Cops like that are just the pussies that got made fun of as kids, how can anyone agree with him? Sure, the bitch was probably irritating him, but a bubble? Seriously she's being charged with assault over fucking bubbles, that is ridiculous.
  14. it is ridiculous....but she wouldn't have been arrested if she...


    simply listened to the man who has the power to arrest her.
  15. They're both in the wrong.

    He told her to stop, she did not.
    He arrested someone over a soapy film with air in the middle.
  16. Even if she deserved to be arrested, WTF is with trying to sue random yt users?
  17. The lady cop next to him is like, "Gah why do I have to work with this asshole?"
  18. why is this cop in Canada? someone should get him a job in America, he'd fit right in with the police state system. I wonder what he'd do to the occupiers CHANTING at him. harrassment?

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