Want to grow in my closet!

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  1. Could i grow with one of these? I could put the bulb at the top of my closet and then just put the plant on the shelf, its one of those florescent bulbs.
    Or could i buy some bulb for this somewhere for pretty cheap? it was originally for my blacklight but it broke.
    im not looking to get the greatest buds, or the best results, i just want to watch the plant grow and get a feel for it and get a reward (; Thanks guys!!

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  2. yes CFLs the coil lights work, but you want 100W for one plant, so 4 26W CFL Bulbs, and you need to make sure they are the right light spectrum.... i recommend you go read some threads in the absolute beginners section, there are some really informative posts,

    if you research just a little..... you can grow in a cardboard box with a power bar and some plugin light socket adapters and an old pc fan in a 3oz cup. i have seen it on here more than once, spend some time researching... no offense...
  3. Ive looked at everybodys grow, mine has to be very small, like put 2 nike shoebox's together and thats what it has to be in my closet and ive seen none like that, so i was thinking about just putting it in a backcorner of my closet, buy a light for the blacklight thing, and lean it against the wall and put the plant under it? Ive seen somewhere someone doing it and it worked fine.
  4. if you do that go with 12/12 lighting from germination IMO... also, sounds about the size of a PC.... or small rubbermaid tote, also expect like maybe 7g if you lst and everything, or get more light
  5. what ^he said. look at it this way if you put the bare minimum in to your grow you will get the bare minimum out of your plants. If you throw it in a closet corner and hope for the best most likly what would happen is it would spent its whole life trying to stay alive and when it comes time to make buds it will not focus on that as much as trying to keep itself alive. Think what you would be like if your mom grabbed stuff around the house and put you in the corner of a closet to grow up? you would be pretty messed up. check out my grow http://forum.grasscity.com/micro-grows/1017574-micro-grow-gun-safe-first-grow-need-help.html you might find some help
  6. Do a PC grow man look it up. perfect for you if no one can know about it in your house.
  7. its your best shot at making it work

  8. exactly! just get an old tower pc... lots of schools sell there old outdated units for next to nothing, see kids elementary is still proving useful:hello:

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