Want to get an Ehle Soon. Good?

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    Are ehiles any good?

    I've only heard good things, and they're a good price and look pretty ill

    are they legit or should i stay away from them?
  2. They are absolutly legit and worth every penny! I just got mine a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Go for it! :hello:
  3. You mean, Ehle?

  4. Wow I'm fucked

    yeah, ehle would be the one haha

  5. Yes he does, and yes they are niiice.
  6. Yes I have one as well. 5 mm. Love the damn thing. Actually just got some alcohol and salt to clean it today. Quality glass IMO
  7. they are great tubes, buy one, you wont regret it, they are an amazing alternative for anyone looking at top notch quality and happens to be on a budget
  8. i just wish they had a 5mm version of this:
    i personally LOVE the design, i just fear i will regret it only being 3.2mm :(

  9. ya that looks ill

    didnt see that one

    might get it :p
  10. The 3.2mm aren't so bad. They may seem thin but they can still stand up to some force. I've done all sorts of destructive behavior with my tube and nothing has broken....yet:p
  11. If you can find one for a good price jump on it. I just got one a few weeks ago and cant put the thing down[​IMG] got mine at my local shop 180 out the door
  12. ehle is nice bong

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