Want to get a stemless piece, need some help finding the right one...

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  1. So I want to round out my glass collection and pickup a stemless piece before summer ends.

    Anyways, I've got my eye on the SG Stemline right now. My budget is $300 including tax/shipping. The Stemline would a little over that after tax/shipping, but its all good for such an awesome tube :)!

    Is there anywhere I could get the Stemline for cheaper? My LHS all suck, and none of them carry high end glass (nothing close), so that's kinda out of the question. Any ideas?

    And if I could find a stemless for around $200 I'd consider it, but the Stemline is so perfect in my eyes right now lol.

    Any other stemless suggestions? I'm open to whatever!
  2. Are you specifically talking about stemless or are you unaware of what a fixed stem is?

    I'm not trying to sound elitist, it just needs to be clarified and that's what it seems like.
  3. stemline seems about right
  4. Well, he wants a stemless. Stemline = Stemless. So I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.

    I'd look at Stone Glass Works Waffle tubes. They are by far my favorite waffle and some of them have ill work.




    This thing STACKS!
  5. ^ no joke if i had the money i would buy that EXACT tube off of ATL... i was eyeballing that shit for like 20 minutes... the work is soooo classy and the color scheme is AWESOME
  6. pm sent,,peace LEAR
  7. I would recommend the SYN small showercap as a starter stemless. Its about $250 but has excellent filtration.
  8. Ok, on my phone so I can't multi-quote you guys so bare with me...

    First dude, yeah I know what stemless is vs fixed stem. Stemline is a type of stemless bong made by SG.

    That worked tube looks so sick, but I'm sure its outta my price range :(

    And I've looked at the SYN Mini Showercap quite a bit, but I figured for $30 more I could get:

    - Longer tube
    - Better name

    But its still a sick tube. How tall is the mini?

    LEAR, god damnit I would LOVE to have some of your work but I just picked up a new bubbler literally last week. If only it was a tube! Thanks for the offer anyways man. I might hit you up for a slide or something soon though!

    What's the average going price for an SG Stemline? ALT's prices seem a bit on the high side, so I wanna be sure I don't pay too much.

  9. Has ALT ever offered a stemline? I've never really seen any innovate SG stuff on there, it's usually just the classic 8's or straight tubes. Because I'd just about sell my kidney for a pillar.

  10. Yeah, they have multiple stemlines and the pillar. Pillar is like $800 or $900 though lol.

    Anyways, bumpity bump.
  11. chico K just put up a shit load of SG with free shipping check it out you might find something
  12. What's up with Chico K. 360 for the stemline? It was on ALT for 280(iirc) like a couple weeks back.
  13. You can get the unworked SGW waffle for $300 I just got mine friday and it's my baby! I love love love it!

  14. From ALT or what? They had one for $280 a few days ago I think. You got a thread with pics of yours going :)??
  15. Ok so looking on ALT found SYN - Small Showerhead - Black & White Label for $250 (out of stock but just saying) which is pretty legit, 16" tall and 5mm thick. Black and white label looks pretty clean. And then there's the SYN - Tall Showerhead - Black Label for $210 which is 18" tall, same shit showerhead stemless.

    Or should I just save up around $300 and go straight for the SG Stemline? Only thing I'm worried about is actually being able to get it once I have the cash...
  16. I am also working on saving up some cash, and concerned about availability

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