want the best...but just got beat

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by froggy, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. ugggg im so pissed.

    just got back from a not so close friends place.

    we both pulled out our best and fuck if my didnt get u maybe a bit more stoned (hard to tell cuz both are so good) but...

    his tasted better and was much more thick and moist. sticky. but mine smelled better. but overall...i think id want his...im gonna get some clones in a few months from him. here is the question now...

    i now what the most sticky...the thickest...the tastiest...something that people will talk about for years after im dead and dried up.

    my guess starts with mazar, blueberry and bubblegum...looking for comments
  2. Mazar is some serious weed, no doubt about it. But bear in mind the best grass I ever smoked was the skunk/ S. India cross that I grew from a pack of seeds that were the cheapest thing I could buy in an Amsterdam coffee shop(£10-$15 ) for 11 seeds.
  3. comon people...im looking for some ideas here.

    right now i got mango, white widow, some AK 47,

    getting mazar, bubblegum and blueberry.

    i wanna know what is the tastiest, thickest sweetest one out there????????
  4. i have the vari's of mango, white widow and some AK 47 strain.

    i am in the process of getting a blueberry (blue moonshine), mazar, some bubblegum (dont know strain) and i need a northern lights for outside.

    im looking for more ideas...the variety that if u were going to another planet and could only bring one kind...u would bring the sweetest, fattest, tastiest vari with u...what would it be?
  5. well i'm really happy with my Hawaii Maui Waui.....sticky, fat and smells good, can be a bit tickly on the throat but very potent.......Peace out........Sid
  6. There is no hard and fast way of judging best in this area- some days you want a real good relaxing - nailed to the sofa high. The next time you might want to be uplifted and have interesting and meaningful conversations with your cerebrally challenged buddies.
    Grow them all and use them according to what you feel in the mood for, it's not a competition- it's all good !.

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