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  1. While biking earlier, (Fuck cars) I came across an old man who had a flat tire on the bike lane and looked as if he needed help. I decided to stop and help this man. It turned out that he did not have the right size tube and then i remebered that right around the block was a bike store.

    The man had left his wallet at home and I remembered I had my credit card. I decided to use it to go buy him the right-size tube. I was not worried about buying the man a tube as I knew he would appreciate this more than anything. I also didn't worry about how much it was because this older man lived something like a mile and a half and I couldn't stand to see someone walking a bike home in triple digit weather.

    So He picked out the right size tube and I payed for it, Helped him put it on, and then he kept thanking me. I told him it was no problem. It just feels good to help one another because most people would just say "Fuck it, i'm not spending my money on someone else" If you see someone in dire need of help, help them. You won't regret it.
  2. I'd be more inclined to believe in karma if horrible people didn't live long and prolific lives while good people suffer.

    If you think about, karma is just a 24/7 version of Santa Claus. Be a good person and you get good stuff and vice versa.

  3. Holy fuck. MIND = BLOWN!!!! +rep

  4. <---guilty as charged.
  5. And I'm not even intoxicated at the moment.

    Glad I could help though.
  6. That Bud looks so good Brian, jahaha.

  7. Lol thanks I found it on the internet :eek:
  8. I don't necessarily believe in "karma" per se... Like ^^ said, it's kinda like a 24/7 version of Santa Claus... Or even... religion. However, I'd like to believe that by putting positive vibes out there, I will get some in return. Regardless, it's in my nature to help others. If it wasn't for people like the OP, we would all be fucked! The world would be more chaotic than it is now.

  9. I wish I could find my bud on the internet..
  10. I also hate how good people die sooner, and bad people live to be like 110.
  11. I don't believe in karma as a tangible or scientific thing. I think of it more as a moral concept and exercise it accordingly.
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    Karma is pretty simple, if you treat everyone around you well they will treat you better. It's not Santa Clause, it's human nature.

    Helping complete strangers is very generous because you probably won't meet them again and other strangers will not repay the favor. However, if you are such a nice person that you help strangers chances are your extraordinary niceness shines through to your closer relationships.

    Also, helping a stranger has a large butterfly effect. If you have ever experienced unusual kindness from a random person you know it leaves a strong impression on you for a while. This positive strong impression will lead to more positive interactions with people for a while and will ripple out through society and change the course of time.
  13. If you dont mind me inserting my opinion on karma hahah, i think the reason people who do bad things live longer and those who do good live shorter is that in my opinion, everyone will have an equal amount of happiness and sadness in their lives but those who do good things are rewarded with happier but shorter lives. Kinda like ying/yang you know? Each lifestyle has upsides and downsides. If anyone disagrees, feel free to argue with me but this is just my opinion.
  14. I could NOT agree more. +rep
  15. Haha i could go on for days about my thoughts on life but ill spare you guys.

  16. Why am I reading this while so burnt? lol
  17. I believe in reincarnation so my view of Karma spans multiple lifetimes. You have karmic ties to all the people you have hurt or loved in past lives.
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    I would hate to be old and wrinkly and unappreciated.
  19. I tried To rep u lol mine doesn't mean shit though, karma is the only religious affiliated thing I believe in.
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    Seeking out positive karma for one's own personal gain is negative karma.

    Just do. Look for nothing in return. Want nothing. I'm not on that level yet, I just help people because I hate to see hurt. That's also not the pursuit of karma, because by helping people I'm looking to help myself.

    It's also pretty idiotic for some people to point out the few evil people who have lived long lives, while not acknowledging the millions of people that die young as a result of their own selfish behavior. They're not the people who make the news, they're just "another number" for a reason.

    While I believe in karma's perpetual existence in the metaphysical sense, it also has a more tangible logical probability:
    Good people put themselves into good situations with good outcomes
    Bad people put themselves into bad situations with bad outcomes
    Nature takes the rest

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