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Want a review about Buythemg and their customer service?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fings369, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. So I'm sure many of you have heard of these RC's or research chemicals, and in my endeavors, as with many other friends, we attempted to hunt them down. A very reputable source BuyTheMg came up on nearly every search and forum. Some called it a scam saying it takes months to even hear from customer service, and few hail their holiness. I am one man hear to clear the smoke.

    It is April of 10 now, I placed my order 4 months ago nothing big nothing special just looking for something new and for the price i was impressed, especially as news reports of street prices and local street prices I felt my entrepreneurial side coming out a bit. but alas nothing.

    In February I met two cool cats who had ordered RC's before from sites that had been shut down via their connection in the UK, and they had found Buythemg to be a last source, blinded by their prices they ordered over a grand worth of material and one thing I will add, they ordered it last JUNE!!! in 2009? What? I was sure that if they weren't getting theirs, then I was not going to get mine. I knew and have been realizing how many people probably looked to this site as JWH is not found in urinalysis testing. So I began emailing customer service under a different account as they were no longer replying to my emails, which may have been a tad too furious a couple times. here is what I discovered:

    I am posting the first email followed by my responses and Buythemg's representative's responses


    I've heard many claims that this site is a fraud and have not heard many positive reviews. What I am trying to find out, as possible clientele, is how do you defend these claims? Why are there so many "customers" in forums posting their experiences as negative. I personally know two who have yet to see their orders fulfilled, which have been placed over six months ago. How can you the proprietor of this site not be offended and disturbed that your endeavors as an entrepreneur are being labeled as fraud? Where is the reassurance? Why am I not convinced that although your site is a result on Google its is extremely faulty and unreliable?

    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Have a Nice Day

    On Thu, 4/1/10, Buythemg Sales <> wrote:

    (oh I went there. you have to have a verification code and everything, and whats with no caption leaving me questioning; just a simple site? so I poked harder:confused::devious:)

    Wow customer service is also excellent you sent me a site that buythemg is blocked on. Let alone if I wasn't a member, you sent me a site that any regular run of the mill person with out any affiliation to business would not be able to access because you are required an access code. I'm sure the administration, shipping staff, customer service, and this site in general is probably run by a one man scam.

    Thank you
    Best Regards
    Have a Nice Day

    From: Buythemg Sales <
    The website I sent you is accesable by anyone, just enter our url into the main page and you will see hundreds of reviews. You do not have to be a "member" of that site to use it.

    If you really think we're a fraud, then you obviously have no idea how to do proper research. Good luck to you. With your attitude, I can guarantee you're gonna get scammed a few times before you figure everything out. I tried to point you in the right direction and instead you call me a fraud. WTF?

    BTW, you are not welcome here as a customer in the future because we do not accept morons, idiots and pathetic white trash losers as customers.


    yea I poked too hard, but fuck stanely, I want my money back how does everyone feel about this, or am I obviously a raving idiot who just needs to accept this lost cause
    P.S. I wont and you wouldst if you lost your money either:confused:

    I really like how professional stanely is, but as long as he is living in WV cooking meth :smoking:with all of our money, well we just have to stop it by educating those who have yet to visit these RC scam sites.

    Oh and don't fall for the gimmick that although many people posting their distress about this site for over a year now, were mistaken quoted from Buythemg's site which states that it was due to credit card confusion, it's just another excuse to use their scam site, along with the new BuytheKG. Obviously they are fooling many people and they need to be stopped the economy can not account for loosing 10, 20, 100, 1000 dollars, at least not my wallet. They need to be shut down, and the least we can do is educate. Well I will educated and I hope that everyone that sees this will post it in any and all forums they are acquainted with in order to stop this scam. :eek:
  2. whats up with this whole thing? who wants a synthetic product made to copy the effects of marijuana. Why smoke JWH or whatever it is when you can smoke THC? I've heard bad stuff about that sh*t.
  3. I was going to buy some RC's a while back but I ran into the same problem, I didn't see any way of telling if the website was legit at all so I never did. Honestly I'm doing just fine smoking my weed and eating my mushrooms rather than putting un-thoroughly tested chemicals in my body as fun as that may seem. I'd say just give up, chances are if you're on the same quest for LSD as many and have been delivered something but nothing, you've already eaten some of those chemicals anyway, or at least I have.
  4. Navy army etc there are people some like weed some don't. Although I may have been trying to procure such a substance, I still know its dangerous, but I have friends in the service that want to relax and feel like there one of us again. Every one has a vice alcohol, marijuana even crack and pills, all it is is a crutch, and realistically how many pot heads would end up as columbine kids if they never knew how to chill.
  5. my bad, I always assume people want the 2cx's. There is such a thing as "spice" that you can order online or get at headshops. Also I've heard you can make your own JWH.
  6. Fantastic and prompt service every time, never more than 12 days for a delivery. Highest quality product, after a few orders felt confident spending large sums and that confidence was never betrayed. I will say I did my research I noticed (he?) did not like annoying customers who bothered him with unnecessary correspondence, therefore I kept my correspondence to a minimum and followed his rather amusing posts and instructions on the FAQ. Considering your long winded post I imagine he regarded you as one of those annoying customers and as he stated figured he was better off letting you continue to think they were a scam and blocking your correspondence. Sad to say the site is no longer operational as of yesterday and I imagine annoying emails from people who took what they should realize is an obvious risk with the postal system and lost 50 or a hundred bucks taking up his time while less annoying customers wanting to spend far more money were giving them far more lucrative business had something to do with them dismantling the "small quantities" site. So thanks for that.:rolleyes:

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