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Wanna see who's looking at your Facebook?

Discussion in 'General' started by Badfish90, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. #1 Badfish90, Dec 1, 2012
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    This is not any app you have to download or agree to. It's simply looking into the system. Here's how to do it.

    1. Open up facebook
    2. Right click anywhere
    3. View source page
    4. Hit control+F and search "orderedfriends"
    5. There will be a set of numbers following it. Copy one.
    7. Past it in "www.facebook.com/[number]"
    8. You will be redirected to that person's page. There's your number one stalker.
    9. The order of numbers goes according to who is on your facebook the most.


    EDIT: Thanks for all the +rep guys. I knew a few of you would find this interesting.


    This isn't necessarily a list of who views your page the most. Although that is a major component of who shows up on your list, it is based on overall interaction. In general, it counts likes, posts, messages, photos, etc. to order who you interact with the most.

    Again, this is not always going to show who YOU stalk or who stalks you. For some, that has been the case. Just take the information with a grain of salt. Until we find out what variables comprise of the list and what receives more of a bias, the list can mean a lot of different things.

    This quote is from a link some other poster provided:

  2. If this is legit I'm going to abuse it so much

    No way
    No way does that work
  3. Page not found... There is more than just "numbers" when you search for orderedfriends.

  4. Oh my fuck. It's accurate because this is the person I talk to most. Holy shit.
  5. Holy mother of FUCK it works.

    Thanks :D !!!
  6. n/m I must of typed orderedfriends wrong or something. Goin for a second try.

  7. You search for ordered friends and copy the numbers next to it. Don't use the quotation marks.

    I got one that directed me to a page not found but I think that's because the person deactivated the account
  8. facebook users are all going to blow a communal load when this gets popular

  9. You heard it on GC first!
  10. Don't let this out to the general public :eek:
  11. Watch Facebook sent hit squads after all the people who saw the sensitive information. James Bond style. :cool:

  12. Now all the girls are gonna know you're fapping to 'em on facebook! haha jk but seriously...
  13. It worked. My top 4 are all woman.. the second being my sister.. but still muahahaha!
  14. Hmm.

    My ex is my #1 stalker.

    Then again, she's like my best friend, lol.
  15. That is awesome,thanks man!
  16. Holy shit dude,amazing +rep

  17. My crush was numero uno, this is good news.:devious:

  18. lol my ex was number 3.. the first was a girl that my sister was friends with in HS and I started talkin to/exchanging some questionable photo's with.

  19. My crush was my number two. My brother was number one. I'll take it.

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