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    4 bag seeds, first time growing, no idea what I'm doing i hope everything works out. i may do more seeds, but this is just for my use, and i only smoke 1-2 times a month so I'll be set.

    first pic is about a week old, they haven't had much sun light it's been raining a lot

    2nd entry: It's been raining for the past 3 days and cloudy for that past 5, the plant on the bottom left, has broken and can't hold it's self up, it's being supported by a twig

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  2. hey walt whats up dude. hey man u should of planted them into there own containers... and you can always use a couple cfl light for the first week or two buddy so that they get alot of light and grow good. just some ideas good luck buddy.
  3. I agree. Regardless of what you plan to do with these, or what you want from them, you still need to get them in their own containers as soon as possible. :hello:
  4. hehe well... he doesnt have to but it'd be a smart idea. well what i would do to get started off is to watch some growing vids on youtube if you havent already. it gives u a great overview and understanding of what plants want
  5. I'm planing on moving them in to the actual ground next week, this is before they have a large root system so the transplant won't shock my babys too much.

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