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  2. Diggin it... did you use brushes or c4d renders (or something else) to make the designs behind him?

    EDIT: I'd also mess around with some lighting/blending because he's kind of hidden by a layer of darkness, if that makes sense.

  3. I used brushes. The darkness is a burn I put; also have a flare near the bottom overlaying. But I could change all that around.
  4. Hey man, would you be interested in designing a sig like that for me?

    Instead of red/orange could you do blue background, and then a nice pot leaf instead of the bball player?

    If no thats cool. but I'd love it if you could mate
  5. How come people always assume these topics open up requests?...

    Either way, I would def. take away the burn from him. One technique I like using for effects is...

    1) Duplicate layer
    2) On the bottom layer, go to Image>Desaturate and then go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set it around 2-3
    3) Set the top layer to overlay/hardlight/softlight (hardlight is usually best)
    4) On the top layer, do a sharpen one or two times

    You can add stuff to that to fit the style you're doing, but it really is a universal technique most of the time.
  6. hey there its not a professional but i think your tips must be useful.

  7. Thanks for the tips man they're appreciated... this is the reason I post things like this on forums, for critiquing. I have used methods similar to that before. This time was I was just messing around with the burn on the jersey and darker areas because I was trying to make my dark areas darker to give more contrast to the lighter areas. I havn't done too many large pieces like this and am trying to improve.
  8. Yeah man, that's why I post, but I don't think there are many at GC that are 'fluent' in Photoshop :p

    I'm also not the best at LPs, but they are fun to do every once and awhile. I used to be REALLY into Photoshop, but haven't really been "into" it for about two years now. You can see from my sig that I still work with it, although not as much as I should/want.

  9. yeah same I used to do a lot of sigs years ago... but kind of stopped for a while and just now doing a couple things here and there. I prolly made my sig I have now 4-5 years ago haha.

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