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  1. So someone told me that walking is good for you. i agree its better than sitting around doing nothing but is it really like for ever 3 miles u walk its like running a mile? if this is true im gonna get high and go walk 3 mils everyday to get rid of this spare tire.:D
  2. Well it's not strengthening your lungs, heart or legs at all really, but it burns a few calories sure.
  3. walking is a pretty good exercise if you walk fast.
    Don't just stroll along, walk as fast as you can like you're late to catch a bus or something
  4. Nothing better then walking around the backroads at night smoking a J. Helps if you live in the suburbs cause theres never cops
  5. I CAN GUARANTEE WALKING IS BETTER THAN JOGGING/RUNNING ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR FIRST STARTING OUT. WHEN I WALK ON THE TREADMILL FOR 45 min - HR on speed 3/10 (fast walk) I'm definitely sweating at the end. But I also have 3 LB weights in each hand.
    Walking long distances, 1- 10 miles you will definitely feel yourself slowly feeling better all around.
    No, it does strengthen the lungs, heart, legs, you just you need to go longer distances, you'll know when you can feel it.

  6. I have to disagree, jogging kicks everythings ass imo. If you're just starting out you should jog a block and then speed walk for 2, jog a block, speed walk 2 etc. Obviously walking does SOMETHING for you but it takes too long for results.

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  7. There actually the same thing. Running just clears the bad shit around your heart and such. Walking is better for the long run. People who are marathon runners are gonna have it bad when they get into their 50's and such. Its a trade off.
  8. Running is actually one of the worst exercises regarding your joints and bones. All that impact is not good for them! Yes, it is good for your muscles and heart but so does a lot of other cardio.

    I recommend rowing, swimming or cycling.
  9. omg the myths and ignorance being spread about running in this thread so far are as bad as saying weed is dangerous first off if running is hurting ur joints and knees ur RUNNING WRONG with horrible form and most likely bashing on your heels i know 80 year old guys running that look so young and healthy for their age. Running has so many health benefits it outweighs any cons if any really humans are the best endurance distance runners of any animal really we are made to run its just that the 21st century humans dont exercise this trait and are pussies. The only people that say running is bad are the ignorant runners that got injured do to bad form or the ones makeing excuses for not running do your research and get out there and run man dont listen to trendy trainers saying running is bad for you, idiots just trying to make u pay for a gym membership or a 900$ eliptica machine lol. Get yourself a pair of raceing flats or a shoe with less heel practice good form from the start landing midfoot-forefoot and pace urself man with rest days inbetween dont push urself to much in the begining.
  10. Dude. Intervals.

    Check out my C25K thread. Instead of running, jog on the intervals and walk the downtime. You'll build up to wherever you want to be. Get stoned and go for a jog! If you keep an open mind going into it, you'd be amazed at how much fun it is. I started off hating running, but I look forward to my next run these days.

    But as you say, walking is better than sitting. As others have mentioned, it isn't cardio, but at least you'll burn off calories. Keep this in mind though, you won't be burning a ton of calories, so don't let yourself slip in calorie intake. Try to maintain your eating/intake (or even better, decrease) and add the walking/jogging/whatever. Quite a few people begin to work out and mistakenly believe that it means that they can cheat their diet and eat a lot of food that they wouldn't normally, making the experience, as a whole, counter-productive.

    Overall, try to enjoy your exercise. If you learn to like it, you'll be more likely to not skip days and maybe even expand upon your training schedule.
  11. The Basics: Walking for Fitness and Fun


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