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Walking with bud on you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Gonna try and get a ride to a friends house, then gonna get/smoke some weed with the kid before heading back. I'll probably have to walk since it'll be late and my car's in the shop, so i've just got a few questions for you guys. I'll be walking by myself and its a pretty long walk at probably around 1130-12. Where should i put the bud on me? Would a cop pull up and question me/search me just for being out late? I probably would not be high while walking home, don't wanna give em reason to search me
  2. why would a cop stop in the middle of the road, to search someone just walking on the street.... jesus christ, last time i checked this was the land of the free. do whatever the fuck you want man, thats my motto.
  3. In my town a cop can search you for being out passed curfew if you are under 18. And if you are trespassing a cop can search you if he feels like it.

    You aren't under 18, so no as long as you aren't breaking any laws you can show him your id and walk away.

    My favorite spot as a kid was to put it in my sock in the little spot by your ankle. cops never really search your shoes. If you wanna be super sneaky, take the sole out of your shoe and hollow out the middle of your shoe (don't hollow out the spot where you put your heel) But hollow out the area near the arch of your foot.
  4. Your shoe is your best bet

    If you get jumped and someone steals your're fucked

    wear old sneaks :)
  5. What if I don't have my ID on me
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    Get one

  7. I have most def. had this happen to me twice (in a horrible little suburb of Chicago where there's literally nothing for the cops to do). I went out for a nice little midnight walk each time and blam, a cop screeches to a halt in the middle of the street, backs up, and gets out to interrogate me.
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    why wouldn't you have your ID on you if your overage?....


    that sucks man, I'd tell the police to leave me the hell alone, I love my midnight walks :D
  9. You sound incredibly underage.

    That being said without motivation a police officer can only do and exterior part down and cannot go into your pockets.

    Inside your shoes, your gitch, taped to your leg or inside your wallet.

  10. Dude thats what I was saying! I used to live in a small suburb of chicago. Cops are so bad around there! Luckily my friends little brother told me that they give people breaks all the time for weed now. They are also changing the laws to where you get a fine and you have to go to a health class for awhile instead of getting misdemeanors and felonies.
  11. I sound underage? Jesus what if i just left it at home by accident? I'm not driving so obvioisly i dont need it. Fuck me right

    I'm just saying what do they do if you dont have one with you
  12. In your underwear. I have these nice briefs by hanes and they have a little pocket/fold thingie........
  13. Just stick it up your ass bro.
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    Damn seriously. Apparently you cant leave your ID at home or else omgomg hes underage. People just assume shit and jump to conclusions way too fast nowadays
  15. It would be a good idea to have your ID with you, it will make you look less suspicious if anything.
    So take your ID, for sure.

    As far as hiding it... best place would be anywhere a cop won't feel in a pat-down. Being a woman, that's crotch-territory for me. You probably being a male, I don't know. Do boxers have any decent hiding place? :p

    When I was younger and traveling with illegal drugs a lot, I made a crude little pocket inside my pants out of material from old clothes and that's where I would keep my stash.

    You probably aren't going to get fucked with just walking around, but if you do, you just want to keep your herb out of places that can be found with a simple pat-down.

  16. I'v spent hours coming up with flawless hiding spots, like a deodorant and cut the actual stick of deodorant in half and place it over top your weed (i also have a bullet-pipe that fits in there) and not once gotten pulled over or stopped in the street, simply place it in your sock, walk on the sidewalk and text so you look like your in the rightmind and know what your doing. And be sure that you are going from point A. to a point B and not aimlessly walking the streets.
  17. As long as you don't look under 18 their not going to question you out of no where.. unless your being sketchy.

    Just put it in your shoe, relax and walk...
  18. Get an airtight container (like a prescription pill bottle or film canister) so there won't be smell.
  19. #19 Corepred4, Aug 27, 2011
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    You obviously haven't left your house yet. So dont leave it at home on accident .And you need to have your id on you at all times not just when you drive. You sound like an idiot man, this is common knowledge.
  20. Those boxers with pouches on the crotch instead of buttons are great stash spots.

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