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Walking inside after smoking: Do you leave a lingering smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Umbrä, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. After all my time smoking, this is something I've always wondered about. After going outside and smoking a couple of bowls, and then walking inside, are you just leaving a trail of smell inside the house? Does it linger for a certain amount of time? Do you think people in other rooms of the house can smell it? (in the room with you, upstairs, ect.)

    Looking forward to some input from the blades.
  2. If you wreak of smoke, you probably wreak of smoke.

  3. See, what I'm mostly wondering is if the people who are upstairs will be able to detect the scent.

    Plus it's hard to tell just how bad you reek when you're chilling in the smoke.
  4. For some reason I never smell of weed whenever I smoke.
  5. Hey i dont wana have a "stoner moment" but i just came inside from smoking a few bowls i dont give a fuck if i smell or not but shit i felt like we were shit idk bye

  6. Bro, I don't even know what you just said but I'm going to go smoke.
  7. When I'm high I'm never able to pick up a faint scent of weed even when other people around me claim that they can, I've been wondering this too. How long does the smell stick around? one trick I do is on the ride home from a friends is to roll the windows down and turn the AC on full and just let the smell drift off of you
  8. dude i used to smoke bowls at work then go talk to my boss within a foot away, lol....ur fine man.
  9. ^^totally. I'm pretty sure as long as you don't stand in the smoke you won't smell...that thought process hasn't gotten me in trouble yet at least.

  10. Yeah, good point. Either way I just finished smoking a bowl.
  11. Yeah man your Cool sorry about the other comments i was trying to type with my toes and fuck it never works out.. anyway i just smoked 2 bowls outside and like tried to catch a FIRE FLY but i went inside and made food and then i got on here then uh im cool so u cool
  12. Typing with your toes is fucking hard I don't blame you.

  13. Upstairs peoples?
    probably not
  14. If im worried atbout the smoke i spray body spray before i go inside the trick is not to usé lots
  15. Either it doesn't...Or everyone I've ever lived with can't smell for shit.
  16. kush is my cologne

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