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Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. do you guys like to walk (like go for a walk places) when stoned? I love it. I think that i would prefer it to burn routes (we talked about that earlier) cos you can take ur time, relax and smoke some nice shit if you have it... yeah i kno i've never tried either i usualy just like sittin down and watchin some videos- YELLOW SUBMARINE IS GREAT FOR STONER TIMES BUT JUST HAVE SOME NICE CALMIND MUSIC ON STANDBY AS IT WILL MESS WITH UR HEAD...

    But some friends of mine have and I think it sounds quite fun. They walked all day smoked, had a picnic for the munchies that they got and drank loads of juice and had a great time....

    I also love to write bullshit poetry when in any state of mind- it's more strange when drunk/stoned tho....

  2. Walkin' round checkin' out Mother Nature while blazed is really cool!!
  3. walkin,...far far away from the chaos of my kids....
    im gonna catch it for this but itsa country drive thats my pic.
  4. Taking the dog for a walk while blazed...good stuff. Gotta love it. I agree with the country driving also. Actually, there isn't too much I don't like to do while blazed! What the heck, let's just get blazed!!!!

  5. While flashing guys for a quarter?
  6. highawatha, you're still flashin dudes for a quarter? :D you should at least charge a buck!
    i prefer walking because i am not the best driver when stoned. i am proud to say that i get motivated to be pretty damn productive while stoned, but i can't drive for a damn, especially at night - my depth perception is way off.
    just ask phishhead - he'll drive us somewhere, and i'm flinching and going holy shit slow down! the whole way, while he's driving safely and sober.
    just last night i was freakin out about him tailing a car, which was sooo far ahead, when i looked @ it at a different angle i felt STUPID.

  7. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  8. i could tell you what i REally get for flashin my boobies, ;) every now an then, ya know how it is to married a long time.
    i can ASSURE you it well over a quarter :D
    ima sofa ho...hehe
    i think thats how i got my kitchen table too,...damnit!
  9. My girlfriend and I had a smoke together last weekend, and we took our babies in prams for huge walk around the whole neighbourhood. It was really nice, lots of parks with lakes and waterfalls!! The kids loved it. The dog came too, of course!

  10. lol @ highawatha... you know, good idea - i kind of want a new recliner, one that rocks :D
  11. Hubby and I went for a walk this weekend and wow!!!! We had a blast! He had never waked and baked before and couldn't understand why I was hooked on it. So...we had our first wake and bake and went out to this county park and were the only ones in the entire park!!!!!! It was awesome. We saw so many ducks. They covered the sky. It was a county park so they knew they were safe there. It was incredible. Did I mention that before? It was his birthday and I gave him his present out there. IT WAS FANTASTIC! We were completely alone in the middle of nature.

    My hubby will never tell me he doesn't understand why I like to wake and bake ever again!!!!!!!

  12. I luv walkin when toasted....i luv most activities/sports that much more, nothing is wierder than racing a friend when your both gone....and finding out that what u thought was a 10 second race was actually 30....
  13. I like going on adventures. I do something unique and exciting everyday it seems like. Hell, this past Monday, after a few bowls, I decided to take a trip to Detroit to see a band play later that night. I live in Austin Texas. So, I fucking did it. Then the next day I went fishing or to the horse races or something. The weed settles me down enough do anything I've ever wanted to do. And nature is the number one champion in my personal book of what is the best thing to see when stoned. I usually can't get past the aquarium in my living room. Nature is cool. I even like this onry ostrich pictured below. Just be careful, because ostriches are mean sons of bitches. They have to protect their pea sized brains just hanging out there, so they are just really aggressive. Also make sure you have some seed. Hell you could feed an ostrich some seeds from your sack. Maybe that will chill him out. This relates also to the stem and seed thread. So, the solution to all of our problems is to throw the seeds out and let the ostriches eat them. Then, smoke up and let the shit kick in and you and the ostrich will both be blazed together. That will calm the ostrich down enough to be cool with him and enjoy his presence and hence, more love will be spread into this world. My name is Pelo, and if there is anything else I can help you with, I'm only a few clicks away.

    *Blank stare at monitor. 5 minutes later I click "submit reply"*

    Don't give me that bull jive, man!!

    Andrew WK rules the world

    Why do I keep typing if I was already supposed to click the submit button? Oh, well I don't have much else to do. Just sitting here talking to myself again. La la la la la. Just glad there's a forum around where I can get blazed and people don't take everything so seriously. I usually pop weird shit like this on people in regular forums. The stoners in the audience are always favorable when the sober ones think I'm an obnoxious asshole that whatever whatever. The problem is that you say things in different ways and they mean different things when you change your voice. I am usually talking in alot of different voices and angles in my head, but when it is typed in black and white, it comes off totally wrong. Anypoopoo I'll be seein yall around like a doughnut. I hope anyone who is reading this had a good day and you've always got a friend here in Austin. Just don't try to pet my ostrich.
    Badoompaching!!! Rim shot!
  14. I sat on a beach this week and got totally baked. Best beach trip I ever had. Early in the week, not a soul to be found. just waves wind, sand , bnirds, and sun...Every now and then some people on hoses ridng the beach trail and some porpoises swimming just offshore... very nice time
  15. Personally, I find smoking a couple of joints and walking around a residential or suburban area and chillin in a coffee shop a perfect weekday night. That or the beach near my house, when it's quiet out there at night it is almost zen like.
  16. I read this thread yesterday and thought damn it gets kinda boring smoking at home, so this morning I decided to goto a nature center. Well it was closed but that didin't stop me from jumping the fence and entering this forest-ish type of place, very cool experience.
  17. i frequently find the need to unwind when i get home from school. So roll up two spliffs and smoke on the way to the park. I sit on a bench by the like just listening to tunes and zonig and then i go for a walk around the woods then just head home smoke a bowl from my bong to get back up again.
  18. Throwing a football around is great. So is keep away. Oh, and swimming is great fun.
  19. I love getting ripped and going for a good walk around where I live. I see alot of deer and last night as a storm was blowing in, I heard some wild turkeys out in the back field every time that it thundered.
    that was a great high experience.
  20. I always loved going for bike rides. Me and a buddy did that for the entire summer of 97. After work we'd get together once the sun went down, roll a few a go biking around, sometimes we'd stay in the 'hood, sometimes we'd go all over the city! Being out in anture, no matter what you're doing while high, is a great experience, and I personally believe it's brought me closer to nature.


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