walked into a 130 degree grow room

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  1. my attic grow room was boiling last night and i don't know for how long. when the lights turned on at 8pm and i was finally able to go up to the attic the temp read 130F and some plants looked pretty much dead.

    they just started flowering for about a week, the room well sealed and ventilated (clearly not well enough) with portable AC blasting but my attic gets up to like 150F degrees and there was no way to contain that heat.

    i spent half the night moving the grow room from attic to basement (which is always cold but totally not stealth, whatever, no one is invited over my house for 2 months) and took them outside and 6 of the girls got a good watering.

    2 girls, feminized bubblegum and sharksbreath showed no signs of even stress, but I'm pretty sure that this is due to them being positioned closest to AC

    4 girls look fine and 2 girls looked like they will die last night but now definitely look like they will live. I don't think such a thing causes hermaphrodites but I have a question about yield. I assume that will be my biggest issue since the 2 girls have many leaves that are just crunched up and twisted

    Going back to veg is not an option. Is there anything I can do to get a better yield out of them? will the twisted leaves come back and look good after a while or will they just die and I should cut them?
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    Take a look at the pics below and also, there is more info about these girls and their progress in my link to grow log in the signature. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. Hey man,

    As long as it wasn't extensive vegetative damage, I would think the fewer leaves would be a good thing? From what I've understood it's nicer to have fewer leaves; more light to the buds.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    EDIT: I've also understood that most small branches are superficial, but the larger ones are most important.
  4. as long as the plant isnt bald i shouldnt think its too much of an issue now theyre into flowering. i would think about removing the damaged leaves as they wont reform their shape and health and will only take nutrients away from the healthy parts of your plants.

    ps i cant see the pics, not sure if its a bad link or just my computer!?
  5. MadHasher: interesting point. To get more light to the buds I usually tuck the leaves but rarely cut them, I thought they feed the buds with energy or something. Lots of people do not recommend cutting any leaves. the plant in 1st and 4th picture has many messed up leaves. Do I cut those or leave them all fucked up.

    fisher1986: weird... i see them and they were uploaded to grasscity. Can anyone else not see the pics?
  6. cant see them mate..

  7. during veg u want as much leaf area as possible but come flowering only the leaves around your bud sites are needed. these supply your buds with what they need, any other fan leaves and such are just taking up room and light.

    id suggest removing any real fucked up leaves. but as youre only a week into flowering id giv its a while before thinking about triming your budsites. as time goes some of your leaves may get worse and die but i dont see it as a huge problem. having said that, i cant see the pics
  8. ps tucking in leaves wont do anything! not for longer than a few hours anyway. they will reach out for the light and will never remain where you "tucked" them!
  9. I've gotten this to work by tying them with twine to the trunk in a restrictive manner, but you're right, other than that they won't.

    I'd say remove all the damaged leaves, they might get infected or something and harm the plant...

  10. thats one way to do it, although unless they were directly leading to a budsite id get rid of em, its just taking light and turning it into energy for more veg growth!

    likewise with damaged leaves its just taking light away from healthy leaves
  11. here are the pics... hopefully they work this time. So cut the dead looking leaves? Isn't the plant going to use energy to grow new ones instead of growing bud or this only happens in veg?

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  12. I tuck leaves and it seems to work for the life of the plant... just gotta make sure they're good and stuck.

    What you really need to do though, is create good airflow. You may not get great temps with just having proper ventilation, but I'm guessing it's not 130* outside.

    edit: and yes, chop those leaves. They're just eating up energy. Nothing you chop in flower really grows back except buds.

  13. theyre going to be fine. just pull off all the little crusty leaves, theyl fall off anyway over a few days. if other leaves have around 75% healthy surface id leave them. those ladys should bounce back and fill out in a week or 2
  14. only pull crusty leaves. leaves are like solar panels for plants. if they have no leaves, it won't grow. even during flowering they need leaves for respiration. i'd cut off whats crisp, and if 1/2 the leaf is fine only cut the burnt part, the rest of the leaf can still breathe and perform photosynthesis which the buds need. they will recover though.
  15. thanks holiwood420!

    I'm actually surprised at the small of damage, I know it's just a weed, but I figured 130F would really fuck it up. The other 5 plants are really looking like nothing happened.
  16. good to hear. i take it they all doin ok now then?
  17. Just wanted to say what I've learned about trimming leaves.... its ok to trim, just not to much, as someone stated before, that is how photosynthesis occurs giving food to the plant. Also, the fan leaves give carbs and sugars to the buds, so I try to cut as few of those as possible (I trim some of them by just cutting about 50% off the tip). I trim lightly up to the 2nd week of flowering because I use a trellis and trim everything below it.

    I hope the girls recover soon!:bongin:

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