walked in on.. awwwwkward

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    gonna make this as short as possible:

    -went to the bar with my girlfriend
    -got kinda tipsy, so, ya know.
    -boom, in the living room, k?
    -we hear the door being unlocked
    (edit)-my roommate and his girlfriend get to the apartment
    -my girlfriend bolts into bedroom
    -i'm left there with a blanket and a boner
    -extremely awkward.

    help. what do i do? i texted him "sorry about what happened, girlfriend and i didn't think anyone would be coming home today...can you bring the bong back when you're done with it?"

    shit. awkward as hell
  2. you sir just made my day

    sall good though, if its a homie he shouldn't trip. shit happens
  3. well, it's actually NOT a homie. used to be homies, but shit happened. got a thread about it (roommate drama is the title i think)

    he's actually not mad/weird about it. said no worries, and all is fine i guess
  4. Yeah, seems like you handled things ideally.
  5. You handled it perfectly homie. If everyone can sit and have cereal at the table in the morning and laugh about it, there is nothing to worry about. Believe me weirder shyt has happened.
  6. when he walked in the door you shoulda just put on the biggest shit eating grin your face can withold and said..

  7. You handled the situation perfectly, no room for improvement here :rolleyes:
  8. If you'd have squirted his girlfriend in the eye, that would have been awkward.
  9. I dont fink thats awkward, just a jokes situation!
  10. hahahahAHAHAHAHA
  11. he should be apologizing to you...mutha fucka screwed up your rhythm....
  12. ^ dude. i know, right?

  13. Haha did he see your girlfriend naked?
  14. nope, as soon as she heard the door being unlocked she darted into my bedroom
  15. I was gonna say, that may be why he isn't upset haha.

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