Walk Hard

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  1. Is a funny movie.
  2. ur not a true walk hard fan unless u have the soundtrack son!
  3. haha the movie was pretty funny
  4. I thought that movie was underrated.
  5. The movie was very funny and I do have the soundtrack! :)
  6. eeek! i saw this once, unfortunately it was during a t-break, and it was awful. parts were comical but no, not good by far. maybe, if i was high, it be decent. sorry, i just didnt like it.
  7. Yeah, it's a really awesome movie.


    --"You don't want no part of this shit!"

    "Well I don't want no hang over, I can't get no hangover."
    --"It doesn't give you a hang over!"

    "I'll get addicted to it or something?"
    --"It's non-habit forming!"

    "Ok Well, I don't know, I don't wanna overdose on it.."
    --"You can't OD on it!"

    "It's not gonna make me wanna have sex is it?"
    --"It makes sex even better!"

    "It sounds kinda expensive.."
    --"It's the cheapest drug there is!"

    --"You don't want it!"

    "I think I kinda want it.."


  8. I watched it sober and it was pretty funny. Poked great fun at rock stars and their pretentious, "artisty", crap, especially those from the 60's. :p

    It is also funny that Mr. Cox learned a life lesson near the end of his life that most people would consider to be rather self-evident. I saw the majority of celebrities falling into such a category, especially a good number of musicians. :)
  9. love it. :)

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