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  1. Anybody walk around walmart high?! It's so badass!
  2. In before cool story bro.

    eh I hate wal-mart.. dirty ass stores
  3. Yeah, Wal-Mart is filled with the most disgusting looking people ever.

    Fat chicks: Wear clothes that fit, k? K.

  4. fuckin fat chicks:mad:
  5. Any store you go in high automatically is 10x bigger. Shit's awesome.
  6. I love walking around wal mart with my friends late at night.
  7. It's all bright and shiney too, and they have a toy section.

    When I'm sober, I try not even to go in that place really, but when I'm high I need someone sober with me to ensure that I actually leave. I'm kinda becoming an old man, but I still play with shit on the shelves like an 8 year old when I'm baked.
  8. love it, i usually end up buying a piece of pizza or two while inside and just walking around, for $1 for a nice size slice, how can u go wrong??

    then i end up leaving with a bunch of random stuff i have no need for but looked neat at the time, and mac n cheese and chicken wings;) gotta love a super wal mart
  9. i make a point not to go anywhere near walmart.

    unless im setting it on fire.
  10. cool story bro
  11. If you're ever having a bad day.... go take a couple strolls around your nearest Wal-Mart.

    Just look around at some of the people in the store. Guaranteed to make you feel a lot better about who you are, or whatever situation you're in.

    It always helps for me anyway.
  12. I used to all the time, until I got a job there.

    but I work at the one 6 miles away rather than the 1 right across the street. So thats alright.
  13. I imagine the Wal-Mart regulars would probably piss me off, cause me an annoyance, or totally freak me out (i.e. rednecks, serial killers, thug-wannabes).

    Target is where it's at! :hello:
  14. Every time me and my 2 good friends go to walmart we get a buggy and put the most random shit in it. One time we had a paddle for a canoe, tampons, a bra, sphagettios, like size 15 shoes and more shit that didn't make sense. Then we just leave the buggy in a random isle.
  15. Wal-Mart is like the city zoo but with exotic people.
  16. I haven't been to a wal-mart in at least 10 years. Fuck that piece of shit store.
  17. hahahahaha word!!! +rep
  18. There's a reason they have a website strictly dedicated to making fun of people in Wal-Mart.
  19. Wal-Mart is AWESOME! Drunk or high. Always a good time lol.
  20. I walked around it on L before lol.

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