Wal Mart Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KamelRedLight, May 25, 2006.

  1. My plant had recently become root bound and stopped growing, so I transplanted it into a 5 gal bucket filled with Expert Gardener Perfect Mix potting soil from wal mart. Now I know soil with nutrients in it is bad for mary j plants, but the analysis on this one is only .1-.08-.06. It should be safe right? I did the transplant yesterday and so far she looks fine. Still waiting for growing to resume though.
  2. So long as its not slow release you should be fine. Also I wouldnt use your ferts full strength wiyh your soil being like so.
  3. actually it does say on the bag that it contains slow release nutrients as well as fast acting ones. I really hope this isn't gonna be a problem because I don't want to repot her again since yesterday I snapped off a small root chunk , and I don't wanna risk any more damage. Is there some way to balance her feeding or watering or something to get around another transplant? Or do I really need to get her out of that soil?
  4. Dont transplant again. Like I said I wouldnt feed full strength.
  5. Makes sense to me. Thanks cannabis man!

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