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Waking Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LittleWing420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Sup everybody? Just joined the forums and I'm somewhat new to smoking. Me and a buddy split a half a couple weeks ago so I've been going kinda steady since then. Anyway, I've been having trouble waking up for class when I smoke before bed. Any way to get over this? thanks
  2. Stop smoking before bed?
  3. Its the only time i can smoke, I still live with my parents. Plus i like it too much haha. I set my alarm full blast and everything but i just sleep through it. just thought maybe somebody had a cure lol
  4. Keep smoking a ton more till your tolerance get's up there a bit. Or set yourself up with a preloaded bong for a wake and bake. That way you will look forward to waking up. ;)
  5. Aha if i had a bong i would;) thanks for the advice though ill try getting my tolerance up there
  6. Dont get your tolerance up purposely. Thats silly.

    Instead try smoking less and not getting as bombed, you will probably wake up easier. Or you can also try smoking the same amount but just going to bed earlier.
  7. Ya bro go to bed earlier.
  8. Pound shots the second you wake up. Gets the juices flowing imo.
  9. When i smoke, i only sleep like 5-6 hours and wake up fully refreshed, as if i had slept 9 or 10 hours.

    I guess it would also depend on the strain, and your personal tolerance, and how much you smoke.

    Don't waste weed in the name of tolerance. I wish i had no tolerance. One day you will too. Just take it easy. Make sure you have enough time to sleep 8 hours and an hour or so after that before you have to leave.
  10. damn hahaha, stop masturbating till 2 hrs and smoke earlier :p

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