Waking Life

Discussion in 'Movies' started by chaossymphony, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. This movie is so fucking intellectual and trippy everyone should watch this, it changes your perspective on many things so pack a bowl and put it in...........................:smoking:
  2. lol. the first time i saw that movie i was about 3 hours into one of the most intense mushroom trips of my life. Definitely changed my perspective on some things. I employ you to watch this with a clear and open mind the first time however so you know what you want to rewind to when the movie is done.
  3. It's definitely one of my favorite. Of course, there are criticism of it which other movies do not encounter; namely the representations of the ideas and their respective value.

    I don't think it should be taken too seriously, but it's a good source for some interesting thoughts.
  4. Yeah after I had read the Stranger, by Albert Camus, which is an awesome book, my views on existentialism were very different but this movie definitely made me rethink some of the main views of existentialism, the movie reflects more of a lucid after death view were there is brain activity after death and the concept that maybe death is just a dream as oppossed to existentialism- when your dead, your dead

  5. precicely.

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