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  1. It's sickening to see the current state of the world. The media is controlling you, they are pulling the strings and we are the puppets. They make us believe what they want to us to believe. They're spreading islamophobia and pointing fingers here and there, causing bloodshed and terrorism. It's all a fucking game. This world's pomp and glory is all they have in their minds and they will oppress, murder and slaughter. The anti christ, Dajjal, has arrived and it's the one eyed beast, the TV's and the monitors, spreading bullshit and feeding us lies upon lies. It's cause and effect, they want us to hate each other.

    My eyes opened when they started blaming muslims for extremism and terrorism and I got curious about the Holy Quran(Koran).I started reading it, and being a logical thinker, I was astonished to learn that the book was the book of truth. It was revealing light upon light! It was confirming what was in the previous scriptures (Words revealed to Abraham, The Pslams of David, Torah being brought down to Moses and the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with astonishing beauty. The book was shedding light on life almost 1500 years ago and introducing high standards of moral and values which apply to life eternally. It brought equality to both men and women and it was the first holy scripture to address both men and women. Repeatedly, the Quran teaches us to accept and live in peace with each and every human being. It reminds us of the superiority of humans and the fact that each human should live in Islam(Peace).

    People sometime confuse and misuse the Koran. And that has been also beautifully predicted in the book itself. Evil people will always be evil and will do anything for their gain, basically. There are some things in the Koran which the ignorant will NEVER understand, those words are for ''men of understanding'' or the 'People who reflect'. Pious people, thinking people.

    After reading the Quran, I got interested in the person who the holy scripture is reavealed to, Muhammad (May his noble soul rest in the Realm of God). What an amazing personality. He was a perfect example of a Leader who practiced what he preached. Read what his enemies had to say about him and that reveals to you what a generous and kind person he was, and if history confirms there was a man named Muhammad, and I have to logically and categorically have to believe in God. Like the Prophet Jesus(He will return one day, as God's promise is truthful) He was completely deattached from wordly pleasures and only believed in the Realm of God.

    Please read. Read the books yourself. to be continued
  2. Only idiots blame people while being ignorant to the real information.
    The media misleads, but The individual has to hold some responsibility for not being totally dense.
  3. Delusional people are funny.
  4. Our likeness is that of a donkey which carries the burden of many books but doesn't learn from them.
  5. If I want to read fiction, I'll open up Harry Potter.
  6. Doesn't the Koran say to kill people?

  7. Your likeness is of a donkey which carries the burden of heavy books and cannot learn from them.
  8. That's right, kid. Keep crying.
  9. [quote name='"JamezIsAcuNt"']

    Your likeness is of a donkey which carries the burden of heavy books and cannot learn from them.[/quote]

    I have no idea what you mean by that. I'm not saying anybody is right or wrong. A good friend told me he has read the Koran and said that it said to kill people, but I've never researched any further

  10. All hail the pious Muslim Jamezisacunt, or Jamez is a cunt! I'm rolling on the floor and I'm laughing. You guys aren't even allowed to say cunt.
  11. the Egyptians had a better code of ethics.
  12. Hey, wait a minute. You're all a bunch of fucking slaves. How long will this shit last? How long will you let them push you around? Let's bend towards the light now, the peace will be revealed and then the curtained Imam will ride down a gigantic white cloud, bearing the shield of life and wisdom!
  13. Hey I'm pretty sure this is a troll.

    But even if it's not I'm sure he'll have some hilarious, self-righteous reply to this very post :smoke:
  14. Whatever makes you think I'm going to dignify you with a response
  15. Allah does NOT approve
  16. You just did. Smooth move, genius.
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    lol look man im muslim to but im not too religious not sayin the quran is wrong or anything but you preaching, making a post like that just wasted ur time you know no ones gna listen. and to the ignorant fuck who said the koran said to kill ppl you are beyond stupid eat a dick you ignorant cuntt.

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR

  18. Whoa. Name-calling isn't allowed here buddy, so calm the hell down.

    The Quran most definitely DOES advocate killing another person, just as the Bible does. It sounds to me like you're trying to impose 21st century Muslim beliefs upon a 5th century set of teachings from a desert nomad.

    That would be like me, as a Jew, saying that the Torah does not command killing for certain unrighteous actions. Either that would make me an ignorant Jew, or a liar. Which type of Muslim are you?
  19. It's like the original troll didn't work, so this is a 2nd attempt. So it is koran, quran?
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2RbboM4Qdk]Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Wake Up - YouTube[/ame]

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