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Wake n' Bake

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by drUmlove, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I had a kick ass wake n' bake about an hour ago.
    Had some pretty good bud, and some cereal.:D

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  2. arent those the best! the other day i did a wake and bake then went to my second job where i drive a van lol it was dope.
  3. Nice Man.

    Just did the same thing, except I had cocoa pebbles!

  4. Yeah man cereal and wake n' bake goes hand in hand.:D
  5. Yesterday my buddy and I "woke and boke" (past tense).

    Smoked a bowl of KB out of my new bubbler watson.

    Went to Paera and had a bagel and some chocolate milk.

  6. Good work man, pretty buds n lucky charms, cant go wrong with that:hello:
  7. i have a feeling that there's gonna be a lot more waking and baking in the near future since i just got laid the fuck off....:smoke::smoke:
  8. yeah i love wake and bakes
  9. 3 bowls of some nice bud and were making cinnamon buns right now
  10. Awh! I love wake and bakes I'm pretty high myself from a wake and bake i had about an hour ago.
  11. Woke-up late after a long night of smoking. Packed a waterfall and started my day. Now I need some coffee and donuts. :smoking:
  12. Amen to that!
  13. IMO wake n bake is only good after you had your breakfest. not eating for like 8-12 hours for me then baking will just make me want to eat which brings down your high ALOT. kinda waste of bunn sess if i bun after i eat then i smooth sailing.

    but i guess if you like better tasting cereal more then being high go for it
  14. #15 flat904line, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    i love smoking before i eat! breakfast is 100 times better and i love waking up and immediately taking a bong rip. I just control my self at breakfast and im good.
  15. those nugs look good and tight
  16. looks fantastic
  17. Had a good little sesh this morning, few J's to my dome. Decided to take the day off so I slept in then waked n baked. Watched Curb Your Enthusiasm for 2 hours. Good morning
  18. wake n bake makes my honey nut cheerios ever better :smoke:
  19. What's your second job? Kidnapping?
    Sorry haha it was there i had to take it.

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