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Wake N' Bake

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Just woke up, its 845 am here in New England...chilly morning, so I decided to stay in bed, turn on the 'How High' DVD, and blaze a fatty!

    any1 else doin the same this sat' mornin'?
  2. hell yeah dude thats a good idea....
    I'm do exactly as you do :D
  3. unfortunately for me, this morning entails a 945 wake and bake, and work busing tables from 11-3. no lazing around for me...
  4. I couldn't imagine smoking right now, i baked long and hard last night, haha.. I dropped like a rock into my bed at 12pm, still in my afternoon clothes, i got up at 9am also, for some reason, just got out of the shower now, and im trying to make sense of last night, haha..
  5. it's 8 45 saturday morning, chili here too, got a new piece last night, a new bong. last night did get a little crazy and now i'm gunna go smoke before i get in the shower (can't let mom find out). wake and bake baby! i just had to come to the city first. it's routine. wake up at around 8 in the morning, ask yourself why you're naked but you were too fucked up last night to remember anything, chill at the city for awhile, smoke a couple bowls, and just hang out in my room. ah yes, today is guna kick ass. plus i'm getting paid tonight, awsome weekend..
  6. heh... just got out of the shower, I smoked two bowls in the bong and I am pretty fried. It was a nice smelly shower ;)
  7. finished the movie awhile ago... wow that movie seems so much funnier when your high :D... watched next friday and i laughed for 5 minutes at the part where they vaccumed the smoke and it kept getting caught on his lip

    OH MAN i feel good... and i get to smoke my huge fatty dro blunt TONIGHT!!!!

    Party it up good weekend

  8. i know that feeling, dang man i love it.

    smoke all night then wake up early, smoke a joint take shower smoke a blunt, keep smoking some more ;) and then go as usual i miss those days, my vacations actualy.

    i hate school...gotta go to school.... and be sobber but fuck it im not staying sobber and be an ass muncher i want my weed
    /end of minimalistic-rant heheh.
  9. ahh memories of the summer...wake up from the heavy night of smoking, blaze in the morning, blaze in the afternoon and just sit and smoke and chill out, great.

    Now i'm off school again for Halloween.

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